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'Midtown Madness 3' (Xbox) - New Downloadable Content

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 3:33 p.m. PST | Filed under News

As was promised last month, Microsoft Game Studios has once again released new downloadable content for Midtown Madness 3 through their Xbox Live service. This new content pack features as bunch of new cars & tracks. Read more for details and to check out some screens of what to expect ...

'Plague of Darkness' (PS2/Xbox) - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 3:23 p.m. PST | Filed under News

In Plague of Darkness, Namco transports players to ravaged Medieval Europe during the time of the Black Death. Eight brooding environments with 58 sub-locations will put players to the test, each containing new objectives, enemies and obstacles. A linear storyline with deadly puzzles, fascinating characters and chilling discoveries allow players to experience unique game play mechanics and participate in over-the-top fantasy combat.

'Pro Evolution Soccer 3' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 12:58 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Konami has released the first patch for their recentrly released soccer sim Pro Evolution Soccer 3. This upgrade brings your retail game to v1.10.2 and addresses various fixes and game tweaks. Read more for detailed fix list and download links ...

'C&C Generals: Zero Hour' - New Multiplayer Map

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 12:48 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Electronic Arts has released yet another new multiplayer map for their 3D RTS add-on Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour. This map is titled Iron Dragon but no additional details are known at this point. Read more for download links ..

'Vietcong' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 12:10 p.m. PST | Filed under News

Pterodon and Illusion Softworks have released a new patch for their squad-based tactical shooter Vietcong. This upgrade brings your retail game to v1.41 and addresses some game crashes, anti bunny hop (aka kangaroo) and various other cheats as well as several small gameplay improvements. This new patch requires to have the previous v1.30 patch installed first (thanks Tiscali). Read more for detailed fix list and download links ...

'Xpand Rally' - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 11:24 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Xpand Rally races take place in different parts of the world, the player gets to race in different environments – from deserts to polar snows. This gives him opportunity to experience cars’ physics changing in different weather and on different surfaces (gravel, sand, snow, ice and asphalt). This enabled the XR team to create realistic and abundant in flora terrains of a few dozens of square kilometers. It will give the players a completely different feeling from driving in a narrow gutter known from most racing games... Read more for some new screens!

'Cyclone Circus' (PS2) - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 11:22 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Cyclone Circus is a global arcade racer that introduces the functionality of sail-trim as an acceleration interface. It is the year 2078, and the climate has changed dramatically because of global warming. Antarctica and the North Pole have seen their mass reduced by 80%, resulting in a huge rise of ocean levels. This rapid environmental change has caused extremes in weather patterns, such as the abundant increase in wind velocities. Boasting high speeds in high-tech wind-propulsed vehicles, the mastering of the sail trim, unique vehicle physics and over the top trick system are key elements in becoming World Champion.

'Airborne Troops' - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 10:39 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Airborne Troops, developed by Widescreen Games, is an absorbing infiltration action-adventure game that takes place in occupied France during the Second World War. On a mission to drop two secret agents into occupied territory the Sergeant’s aircraft is shot down leaving one of his agents seriously wounded. It is now the Sergeant’s duty to replace the ailing agent and complete the stealth missions himself. The gamer takes part in commando missions based on real events in the places where they actually happened, accurately recreated from archives and historical documents. Read more for a batch of new screens ...

'Lock On: Modern Air Combat' Ships In North America

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 10:05 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Ubisoft, announced today that Lock On: Modern Air Combat, the highly-anticipated flight simulation game has shipped to retailers nationwide. Developed by The Fighter Collection, Lock On features today's most modern, technically advanced military aircraft in the most graphically rich, audio-intense game environment ever created for a combat flight simulation. Lock On: Modern Air Combat is rated "E" for Everyone and is available for a suggest retail price of $39.99.

'Richard Burns Rally' (PS2/Xbox/PC) - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 9:51 a.m. PST | Filed under News

'Richard Burns Rally' is the first true rally simulation game, bringing the most realistic and exhilarating rally experience to all major gaming platforms. This true to life rallying requires tactics, intelligence and perseverance as well as speed, aggression and risk taking. World Champion Richard Burns, Britain’s top rally driver for the past three seasons, in association with SCi Games is pleased to announce the first game in the 'Richard Burns Rally' series to be released in early 2004. Check out the new screns ...

'Rise of Nations: Throne and Patriots' Officially Announced

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 9:11 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Microsoft Game Studios and Big Huge Games today announce Rise of Nations: Throne and Patriots, the expansion pack to the critically acclaimed, best-selling real-time strategy (RTS) game Rise of Nations. Developed by Brian Reynolds and Big Huge Games, Throne and Patriots adds a multitude of new features to Rise of Nations, introducing six new nations, a wide variety of new single player campaigns, more than 20 new units, new wonders and an innovative new Government feature. With the new Government feature, any nation, old or new, can choose exactly how to be governed, which has far-reaching effects on how units perform in various situations. All-new single player campaigns will allow gamers to control the course of history during historical events that changed the world. Rise of Nations: Throne and Patriots is expected to ship in Spring 2004. The original Rise of Nations game is available wherever games are sold and has been reduced to $39.99 (U.S.), just in time for the holidays.

'Worms 3D' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 8:52 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Team17 Software has released a patch for European & Australian versions of their 3D turn-based strategy game Worms 3D. This upgrade brings your retail game to v1053 (aka service patch 1) is mainly for people who play online, improves Pigeon AI, addresses some bugs and fixes, as well as networking enhancements. Read more for detailed fix list and download links ...

Project 3 Goes 'KULT' - Screens

by Thomas on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 8:31 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Dutch publisher Project Three Interactive BV today announced it has acquired the European rights for the 3D isometric RPG "KULT". Having been in development for almost 3 years by the young and talented Slovakian studio named 3D People, Kult is set for an early Q2-2004 release. Read more for details and screens ...

'Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark' Release Date Set

by Thomas on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 6:39 a.m. PST | Filed under News

On the official Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark forum @ Bioware, Robin Mayne MALE Web Developer posted up following information:

NWN: Hordes of the Underdark will be in stores Dec 2 and includes 6 new Prestige Classes! For those who desire power over undead, the pale master draws on a font of special lore that provides a macabre power all its own.

'Black & White 2' Developer Chat On Monday!

by Thomas on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 6:28 a.m. PST | Filed under News

If you are interested in having a Dev Chat Session with the team working on Black & White 2, this is your chance! This Monday (24th November 2003) #bwgame channel on Quakenet will host its first chat... Read more for details!

'Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance' (PC/PS2/XB) Reaches UK Next Friday

by Thomas on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 3:33 a.m. PST | Filed under News

The Gladiatorial clashes of ancient Rome are the inspiration for savage battles, gruesome deaths and bloody mayhem in the next-generation console game: Gladiator Sword of Vengeance. Due for release for the 28th November 2003, this epic adventure follows the fate of hero and Gladiator champion Thrax as he challenges fierce warriors and wayward gods of terror to a fight to the death. Gladiator Sword of Vengeance also boasts in intuitive fighting system that allows players to fight multiple opponents and unleash an array of deadly combo attacks and bloody finishing moves.

'Operation Watchet Freedom' Announced - Features

by Thomas on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 3:27 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Simply Gaming is proud to announce that is it starting work on its first game, titled Operation Watchet Freedom.. Brief Story: Terrorists have taken over the small town of Watchet and none of the villagers know why. What they don't know is that the town's paper mill is a front for a secret government nuclear missile base which the terrorists have taken over. The terrorists are threatening to launch 3 nukes at London, Washington and Russia if the government doesn't pay them 500 million within 48 hours. So it's up to our hero to retake the town and secure the nukes.

'World Championship Rugby' (PS2/Xbox/PC) Announced - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 3:11 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Acclaim Entertainment International today announced World Championship Rugby for the PlayStation2, Xbox and PC. The game is being developed by Swordfish Studios, one of the UK's respected independent game development studios. Based in Birmingham and with over 10 year's development experience, the team was responsible for one of the most critically acclaimed rugby video games – Jonah Lomu Rugby. Read more for details and screens ...

Daily Dose Of Boring Q&As

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 2:50 a.m. PST | Filed under News

PS2 Review - 'kill.switch'

by Hank on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 2:23 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

kill.switch is an innovative military shooter that emphasizes realistic cover tactics and awesome firepower for the ultimate experience in combat gaming. Featuring the unique Offensive Cover System, and utilizing the Blindfire combat mechanic, kill.switch demands the use of conventional warfare tactics, forcing players to utilize surrounding environments, and quickly adjust on-the-fly through each intense and challenging mission.

'SpellForce: The Order Of Dawn' Goes Gold

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 1:50 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Bigben Interactive UK Ltd is pleased to announce that JoWooD Productions' genre-defining Role-playing Strategy game, SpellForce - the Order of Dawn, has now gone gold! SpellForce is the latest creation of Phenomic Games, the team behind the world-famous "Settlers" series. SpellForce marries the RPG and RTS genres together to give an Innovative new game experience. SpellForce takes place in an awe-inspiring 3D environment. The player can control huge armies via an isometric view and then zoom into a first person mode to control individual units.

PS2 Review - 'NBA Live 2004'

by The Cookie Snatcher on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 1:48 a.m. PST | Filed under Reviews

With expanded Freestyle Control, authentic basketball gameplay, and stunning graphics, 'NBA Live 2004' delivers the definitive basketball experience. Whether running the point with one-button Quick Plays, spinning free in the lane for a vicious dunk, or locking down on defense, LIVE puts players in total control. With a dramatically enhanced Dynasty mode, the ability to take the court at every NBA arena and all-new commentary from Marv Albert and Mike Fratello, 'NBA Live 2004' is all about authenticity. Read more for the full review ...

'Savage Eden: The Battle for Laghaim' Nears Release

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 12:32 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Savage Eden, the US version of the popular Asian online multiplayer game Laghaim, is nearing its release in America. The Nako engineers from Korea are at the iENT center of operations in Cary, NC working hard to make final developments and fine tuning for the United States game launch. The closed beta registration for the game was well received by the RPG community with over 2,000 applicants in the selection pool. The beta stage is set to begin sometime in early December.

'Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon' (GBA) Ships

by Thomas on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 12:27 a.m. PST | Filed under News

THQ Inc. today announced the release of "Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon" for the Game Boy Advance. "Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon" is now available at retailers nationwide.

In "Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon" gamers pilot the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing fighters, land speeders and other famous vehicles from the classic "Star Wars" universe in their battle against the Empire. Players will experience 14 combat-filled missions interweaving legendary movie storylines with all-new plot twists. Featuring highly detailed environments and ships, frantic battles and high-speed flying action, "Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon" lets gamers battle the Galactic Empire in the skies of Yavin, Endor and beyond.

Tantalus Announces Three Hit Holiday Titles

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2003 @ 12:21 a.m. PST | Filed under News

Tantalus Interactive today confirmed the release of three new titles, rounding out a stellar year for the company. Tantalus CEO Tom Crago chose the opening day of the annual Australian Game Developer’s Conference (AGDC) in Melbourne to make the announcement. “Gamers will be well aware of all of these titles, but with the occasion of the AGDC it’s fitting to set these releases within the context of the Australian game development community,” Crago said. “As an industry here we’ve gathered a lot of momentum in recent years, and at Tantalus we’re very proud of the contribution we’ve been able to make.”