'The Conduit' (Wii) to Include Achievements, Stats And Unlockables

by Rainier on March 29, 2009 @ 2:19 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

The Conduit is a stunning action FPS that promises to provide some of the best visuals seen to date on the Wii, featuring terrifying alien creatures, an advanced AI System, and a rich, conspiracy-laden story. Pressing Z on the controller will show you stats, while the "extras" menu includes achievements and unlockables.

'Mount & Blade: Warband' - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on March 29, 2009 @ 2:16 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Mount & Blade is a single-player, third- or first-person action/role-playing game with a focus on medieval combat. The Warband multiplayer expansion will focus on battles, not the campaign, and let up to 32 players (and bots) duke it out in a variety of modes such as DM/TDM and Siege.

PC Review - 'Puzzle Quest: Galactrix'

by Jesse Littlefield on March 29, 2009 @ 6:00 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

D3Publisher of America's Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, developed by Infinite Interactive, incorporates a powerful blend of casual and hardcore gameplay elements, similar to Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, into an all-new futuristic, science-fiction setting.

Wii Preview - 'Spectrobes: Origins'

by Brad Hilderbrand on March 29, 2009 @ 5:32 a.m. PDT | Filed under Previews

Spectrobes: Origins is a sci-fi action adventure game where players will use the unique Wii controls to explore vast worlds, excavate three-dimensional fossils and unravel an engaging story while discovering the key to preventing a galactic threat.

PC Preview - 'Parabellum'

by Brad Hilderbrand on March 29, 2009 @ 5:28 a.m. PDT | Filed under Previews

Parabellum is a free-to-play strategic FPS focused on urban warfare. A whole city is waiting to be conquered in a giant multiplayer campaign. Parabellum offers intense round-based action with tactical and strategic depth.