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'Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned' (ALL) - New Screens

by Rainier on May 23, 2010 @ 4:41 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Armada of the Damned is an entirely new experience within the Pirates of the Caribbean universe. The game takes place before the events of the blockbuster films. Players will take on the role of a pirate and embark on epic land and sea adventures.

'Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I' (ALL) Gets Delayed - Trailer

by Rainier on May 23, 2010 @ 4:31 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Ep. I offers 2D gameplay through rendered HD environments, allowing you to speed through each level with the classic Spin Dash move, and destroy enemies using the Homing Attack. Originally slated for this summer, the game is now scheduled for late 2010.

'Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies' (NDS) Gets Release Date - Screens

by Rainier on May 23, 2010 @ 3:34 p.m. PDT | Filed under News

In Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies players begin their adventure as a city guardian who is sent to retrieve a sacred tree’s fruits, which have the power to grant wishes. Players travel the world, conquer fearsome monsters and unravel an epic storyline.

PS3 Review - 'Split/Second'

by Brad Hilderbrand on May 23, 2010 @ 2:00 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Split/Second is an intense action racing game set within the world of a hyper-competitive reality television show. Competitors vie to be the first across the finish line in a made-for-TV city built for destruction, with the ultimate goal of becoming the season champion.

'Toy Story 3: The Video Game' (ALL) - 9 New Screens

by Rainier on May 23, 2010 @ 1:19 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Toy Story 3: The Video Game features a story mode that follows the Toy Story 3 film adventures in which Buzz, Woody and friends grapple with their uncertain future as Andy prepares to depart for college, as well as a Toy Box mode allowing fans to create their own unique story.

'BioShock 2' (ALL) Rapture Metro Pack, v1.0.0.4 Patch Coming Soon

by Rainier on May 23, 2010 @ 1:15 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Set approx. 10 years after the events of the original, the halls of Rapture once again echo with sins of the past. You will play as the first Big Daddy as you travel through the decrepit and beautiful fallen city, chasing an unseen foe in search of answers and your own survival. 2K Games will release the Rapture Metro Pack as well as the v1.0.0.4 patch on Tuesday, May 25th!

'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Shows Off Hoth - New Screens

by Rainier on May 23, 2010 @ 1:12 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

Star Wars: The Old Republic will let you explore an age thousands of years before the rise of Darth Vader when war between the Old Republic and the Sith Empire divides the galaxy. Choose to play as Jedi, Sith, or a variety of other classic Star Wars roles, defining your personal story and determining your path down the light or dark side of the Force.

NDS Review - 'Foto Frenzy: Spot the Difference'

by Brian Dumlao on May 23, 2010 @ 1:00 a.m. PDT | Filed under Reviews

Spot the Difference and you're a winner in this hard-to-resist puzzle game. Compete collectively or individually in fast-paced photo fun, using one DS cartridge for up to four players. Over 200 themed photographic puzzles means hours of fun for players of all ages.

'EA Sports NBA Jam' (Wii) - New Screens

by Rainier on May 23, 2010 @ 12:15 a.m. PDT | Filed under News

EA Sports NBA Jam revives the classic franchise with vintage NBA Jam gameplay, and all-new features that deliver a fresh new take on the game. Featuring the sights and sounds that fans of the franchise will instantly recognize, EA SPORTS NBA JAM mixes the old school with the new, to deliver a one-of-a-kind sports presentation

I Think I Shall Have To Hang You Twice

by Rainier on May 23, 2010 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT | Filed under MOTD

Yesterday was a sunny, nice and relaxing day. We ran some errands, watched "Kitchen Nightmares" and a few episodes of the "V" remake. We went out to Best Buy and bought a new case for my gaming computer since the old one has so much stuff and cables inside that the graphics card is overheating, as well as a netbook for Adam so he can get back to conducting interviews (his laptop died). Quite the productive day...

With the warm weather approaching, that also means summer concerts tours are being announced, and boy, have we got a few lined up. Over the next few months, we are going to see Iron Maiden, the Scorpions farewell tour, Queensryche, Slash and Danzig. \m/