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Platoon - New Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 22, 2002 @ 6:39 p.m. PDT

Co-publishers Monte Cristo and Strategy First, Platoon is the first action 3D RTS set during the Vietnam War. Based on the action-packed film that marked a generation, with exclusive rights to the MGM license, Platoon will bring all the real wartime events to today's PC community for the first time ever. Today we snagged another bunch of screenshots to show off some tank action .. njoy!

The Features…

  • Covers the Vietnam War from 1965 to the height of battle in 1968.
  • Tremendous visual effects such as character and object shadows, grass and explosion effects, environment mapping for reflective surfaces (windows, water and shiny metal) etc…
  • Scalable level of detail system (L.O.D).
  • Dynamic weather effects (wind, fog, rain, monsoons...).
  • 3D terrain modeled on the Vietnamese countryside (elephant grass, rice paddy, jungle...).
  • Particle system for explosion effects, smoke, fire etc…
  • Control vehicles such as M113 Armored Personnel Carrier and M48 Patton Tank.
  • Over 400 motion captured animations ensure realistic soldier movement.
  • Soldier's rank and abilities depend upon level of experience, and performance is continuously affected by the environment, terrain and combat situation.
  • Includes a campaign and scenarios.

And the story goes…

Follow the career of newlywed Martin Lionsdale of the 1st Airborne Cavalry Division, and take part in some of the most thrilling moments of the conflict, controlling an entire platoon through missions based on historical events. Platoon covers the period from the early days of the conflict (late 1965) to the height of battle in 1968 and recreates some of the most tragic moments of the Vietnam War: Operation "Shiny Bayonet", the Pleiku Campaign and Operation "Pershing". A soldier's rank and abilities depend upon his level of experience, and performance is continuously affected by the environment, terrain and combat situation. Learn US army tactics in the tutorials and take advantage of a wide range of weaponry, vehicles and support units. Already being compared to hit titles such as the Close Combat series, Command and Conquer and Sudden Strike, Platoon stands on its own with its stunning full 3D perspective, one of a kind Vietnam backdrop, and detailed tutorial that throws you into the conflict easily and quickly. Take part in one of the world's most groundbreaking wars and its most legendary, Academy award-winning war movie – Platoon!

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