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3Dom Announced!

by Thomas on Oct. 23, 2002 @ 12:18 p.m. PDT

Alawar Entertainment, the company with over 5 years of experience in the development of multimedia software and game products, is pleased to present its newly developed product '3Dom', which is the 3D engine ideal for the development of small-size game and multimedia projects (for example, small size is critical for games downloadable over the Internet). Full scoop below, included is some screens!

"The engine brings the world of 3D amenities into small games. Due to its compactness it has a great potential", said Dmitry Komlev, the Head of Development Department.

The engine is designed to provide for a considerable reduction in the size of the finished product:

Storage of textures in compact formats gif, jpeg (the list is readily extendible)

Unique algorithm of 3D model compression ensuring a 5-fold reduction in size.

Besides, the engine is undemanding to computing resources, it operates under practically all available operating systems Windows - 95/98/ME/2000/XP, using DirectX 7, DirectGraphics 8, OpenGL or any other rasterizers. It supports any screen video modes and several video cards at once.

'3Dom' can be cost-effectively transferred to any system having a C++ compatible compiler.

The engine has a sophisticated object model, implemented as a library of C++ classes and templates. Such a model allows the developers to forget about the hardware parameters and to work with the most advanced technologies of 3D image creation - 3D objects with textures, materials, light sources, halos, mist, reflections, systems of particles for creating special effects of rain, sparks, smoke, and puddles.

The 3Dom module system is easily scalable, which makes it possible to increase the engine's power. Under way is the development of the following technologies:

Vertex Shaders - skeletal animation and morphing.

Pixel Shaders - drawing complex effects such as water, mirrors etc.

In addition, the engine supports Vertex and Pixel Shaders technologies from NVidia, providing skeletal animation and morphing.

"The development of the engine will allow us to exorcise technical problems from our mind to get totally focused on our creative tasks", - said to the press service Alexander Lyskovsky, General Director of Alawar Entertainment.

For more detail see:

Detail information's about 3Dom:

3Dom Engine in action: (6Mb video)

You may download two technological demos showing capability of 3Dom engine:

Airplane demo: (9Mb)

Landscape demo: (5 Mb)

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