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'Breed' & 'Imperium Galactica III' Release Dates

by Thomas on Oct. 24, 2002 @ 11:11 a.m. PDT

CDV Software Entertainment UK has today revised the release dates for two of its hotly-tipped PC CD-ROM titles in order to add some crucial features and ensure the finished titles devastate the competition. Hungarian developer Mithis Games has joined CDV and Philos Labs to work on space strategy title Imperium Galactica III. Originally planned for release at the end of 2002, the extra development time will allow the team to add a new multiplayer mode - extending the shelf life of this already colossal game.

Even in its early stage, Breed has attracted a great deal of interest from the industry, scooping the 'Best PC Game' award at this year's ECTS. Developed by British newcomers Brat Designs, it is a stunning first-person shoot-'em-up which offers players unprecedented freedom in the squad-based genre.

The team has been granted additional development resources in order to fully maximise the game for the next generation of graphics cards.

Additionally, the opportunity for players to create their own missions and modifications is being fully integrated into the code in order to make this process. Players the world over will be able to sample the game in all its glory towards the end of 2002, when a single-player demo will be made available.

"We've already had an amazing amount of interest in both these games," says Terry Malham, president, CDV Software Entertainment, "and by granting an additional few months' development time, we'll be making them even better. We appreciate that this news will disappoint our fans who had been hoping to get their hands on code sooner rather than later, but we've the utmost confidence the wait till be more than worth it."

Both titles will be published during Q2 2003

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