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'Brave Dwarves' are Back! - Info & Screens

by Thomas on Oct. 31, 2002 @ 12:23 p.m. PST

GameOverGames and Russia's developer and publisher Alawar Entertainment signed an agreement on the publishing of the localized version of Brave Dwarves 2. More info and screens below!

Under the agreement Alawar Entertainment is entitled to publish in the territory of Russia, the CIS and Baltic states the sequel to one of the world's best low-key arcade games. The format, time and Russian name of the game are to be announced in the near future together with the name of the official publisher.

"We are happy to continue our cooperation with Alawar Entertainment", said Dmitry Vysotsky, director of GameOverGames, "We have worked together for over two years now and carried through such front-runner projects as Arkanoid - The Virtual Isles, Bubble Bobble Nostalgie, Bubble Bobble Nostalgie Gold, Fairyland, Brave Dwarves. Now it is the turn of Brave Dwarves 2 to win a place in the hearts of Russian game players."

Brave Dwarves 2 is the sequel of one of Alawar's low-key bestsellers. It has outgrown its elder brother and is big enough for a CD. The game is an arcade with horizontal scrolling. By controlling a brave subterranean guy you will traverse six dramatic episodes and pick up dozens of artifacts and weapons to defeat the crafty enemies of the brave people. Carefully selected sound effects and music help the player plunge deep into the unique world while the table of records makes it possible to measure your skills with players from all over the world.

"Our partners have proved more than once that they are experts in the development of games and wonderful worlds", - said Alexander Lyskovsky, director of Alawar Entertainment, "On this end we are eager again to make the best effort and draw on our vast experience to help the new project become very popular. At the moment we are finalizing our plans regarding the details of the final product: its formats etc. You will know this very soon."

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