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'Fila World Tour Tennis' - Screens

by Thomas on Oct. 8, 2002 @ 5:30 p.m. PDT

Fila World Tour Tennis is a highly detailed tennis game featuring the excitement and precision of the real sport, for the Xbox and PC! Are you ready to lob, smash and slice your way through Fila World Tour Tennis? Need some PC grabs? Here are 40, love. (And another two.)


Enjoy the instant buzz of fast paced tennis with the arcade and quick game modes

Enter the long-term challenge of the tournament circuit and develop a novice into an international star through the challenge option

40 players and 32 stadiums to choose from including 6 super stadiums set in the spectacular surroundings of the Pyramids in Egypt and the Sydney Opera House

Multiplayer Mode supporting one to four players

Reward your successes with the latest in FILA Sports gear

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