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'Fighter Ace 3.5' Soars Into Stores For First Time - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 1, 2002 @ 7:03 p.m. PST

The much-anticipated upgrade to the massively multi-player online air combat game "Fighter Ace" soars into stores as a boxed version for the first time ever, just in time for Thanksgiving missions on the PC. Read more for details and a few new screens ...

Fighter Ace 3.5 replaces the 3.0 version, currently available as a download exclusively, and is developed and published by Jaleco Entertainment. Fighter Ace 3.5 debuts as a CD-ROM in stores around Thanksgiving, and includes three months’ free online gaming for new subscribers. Would-be pilots from all over the world can join the Fighter Ace 3.5 arenas via the internet in late November and experience first-hand the dozens of enhancements and new features this version delivers. An “E” rating is expected.

“The 3.5 version continues the Fighter Ace legacy, established in 1997, in the massively multi-player online gaming community,” said Dick Wnuk, president of Jaleco Entertainment. “The 3.5 version has tons of new features and loads of enhancements to make this aerial combat game a treat to play.”

Fighter Ace 3.5 offers the greatest number of authentic WWII war birds of any flight game on the market with 96, and is loaded with new features such as 16 new aircraft, film recording and playback, and paratroop assaults. Check out the new seaports, Midway and ocean maps, training missions and multiple runway airfields.

“With a variety of flight models and a wide selection of arenas to choose from, Fighter Ace 3.5 promises to give every gamer a level of excitement and fun no other online game or flight sim can even begin to touch,” said Fighter Ace 3.5 beta-tester Craig Hibner. “Try it yourself and see. Do you have what it takes?”

For more information visit the official Jaleco website or the official Fighther Ace website.

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