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'Karnaaj Rally' & 'Sea Trader: Rise of Taipan' (GBA) Announced

by Rainier on Nov. 14, 2002 @ 1:59 a.m. PST

Jaleco Entertainment announces two new titles for the Game Boy Advance, 'Karnaaj Rally' and 'Sea Trader: Rise of Taipan', both due out by the end of the year. Read more for some facts and new screens ...

Sea Trader: Rise of Taipan is the first commodities trading game for the GBA. Set in the early 1800s on the high seas around the globe, the player captains a ship, chooses a first mate and sets out to explore new worlds. Trade at exotic ports, sell goods on the black market, all the while fending off bloodthirsty pirates, mysterious mermaids and bounty hunters.

The colorful, comic book art style appeals to all gamers and the sophisticated game play will grab adventurers with six maps to unlock, 36 types of commodities to trade, 30 ports to explore and 25 ship upgrade features. Raise your sails and rouse your crew – Sea Trader: Rise of Taipan enters the North American market in mid-December. Sea Trader: Rise of Taipan is rated T.

“There’s so much more to Sea Trader than commodities trading,” said Kirt Lemons, Jaleco Entertainment producer. “It’s a very rich adventure game with engaging characters, fantastic encounters, bloody sea battles and many customizable features that put the captain in control of much of their sea-faring ventures.”

Features :

  • Addictive "buy low, sell high" commodity trading gameplay
  • Trade 36 commodity types, including black market Elite goods
  • Bribe Customs Officials and avoid Guards in a perilous wartime environment in order to expand your markets
  • Unlock and explore charts to 6 exotic lands, rich with new goods and dangers
  • Choose your own First Mate, each with unique strengths that can help you succeed
  • Encounter mythical creatures and fantastic events in your sea journeys
  • Risk everything in order to fight, board and pillage enemy ships
  • Upgrade your trade ship with more firepower, faster speed, tougher armor, more hold space, and better crew
  • Earn medals and money for outstanding achievements in battle and trade
  • Presented in an engaging and unique comic book style format
  • Choose to play short, medium or long games, and try to beat high scores

Karnaaj Rally is a combat racing game featuring lush 2D and 3D graphics to captivate gamers with this action-packed top-down racer.

As the driver wins races and earns prize money, Karnaaj Rally offers car upgrades, new weapons choices and more challenging tracks. The 22 detailed tracks bring realism to the gameplay with spare tires, pylons and other obstacles affecting the race. Karnaaj Rally has a fully configurable multi-player mode with support for up to four players. Race in career, quick race and time trial modes. Save best times on the cartridge for future races.

Developed by Paragon 5, Karnaaj Rally races into stores at the end of December. It is rated E.

“Karnaaj can stand alone on its gameplay,” said Craig Harris, editor of IGN Game Boy. “This game is extremely tight, extremely deep and just downright gorgeous on the GBA screen.”

Features :

  • 14 upgradeable vehicles and 22 tracks ensure a different race every time
  • Control your vehicle from a top down perspective
  • Every smash, crash and bash is full of eye-popping detail and color with a mix of 2D and 3D graphics
  • Car handling on different surfaces such as tarmac, ice and snow creates a realistic racing experience
  • Quick Race and Time Trial modes
  • Cartridge save (four careers, best track times)
  • Link up with other GameBoy Advance systems and race against up to four players (multi-cart)
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