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'O.R.B' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 15, 2002 @ 11:24 p.m. PST

Strategy First just let us know that they have just released the first patch for their recently released 3D space-based RTS, OffWorld Resource Base (O.R.B.). This update patch fixes a few bugs and mainly adds some scenario issues. Read more for detailed fix list and links where to get it ...

Get the O.R.B v 1.01 Patch off Worthplaying (700kb)

Get the O.R.B v 1.01 Patch off Strategy First (700kb)

Get the O.R.B v 1.01 Patch off 3DGamers (700kb)

Fixes :

  • Bug that causes persistent research and fleet to not function on some Windows XP configurations has been fixed.
  • When a multi player game re-synchronizing, manpower distribution will be maintained.
  • Troop Transport Pods will return to their Troop Transport if the Commando gets destroyed before boarding.
  • Commandos will return to their Troop Transport Pod if the target re-enables before the Commando reaches it.
  • Intermittent Crash bug caused by destroying the Troop Transport Pod right before the Commando boarded has been fixed.
  • Bug that caused Manpower to be reduced a bit after some loaded games has been fixed.
  • Intermittent Crash bug that occurs during combat has been fixed.
  • SCENARIO EDITOR: Running the scenario editor will no longer overwrite audio and video settings.
  • SCENARIO EDITOR: Player Resources are properly displayed
  • SCENARIO EDITOR: Message Box is displayed when an invalid team ID is entered for a player.
  • SKIRMISH CONTENT: Pherngal map has been fixed.


  • For those who have encoutered the WinXP bug, it is strongly recommended to delete any existing profiles and create new ones.

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