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Sega Classics Coming To The PC

by Thomas on Nov. 18, 2002 @ 4:19 p.m. PST Inc. today announced a distribution agreement with RealNetworks, Inc. to bring classic SEGA Genesis games to the RealOne Arcade games service. For the first time gamers may now download the official versions of four classic titles to their PC with the debut of the SEGA Channel on RealOne Arcade. Additional Genesis games are scheduled to be offered on a regular basis. and RealNetworks are also planning to make a custom version of RealOne Arcade with a SEGA-branded interface available for download from this holiday season.

Many of SEGA's most renowned franchises made their debut on the Genesis and have since evolved on today's gaming platforms. Now with the launch of the SEGA Channel in RealOne Arcade, gamers have access to a collection of original titles from the Genesis years that have been adapted by for play on the PC. Gamers may try free demo versions of each SEGA Classic game and may purchase the full version, which will include complete game features and functionality, for $14.99 each to permanently add it to their RealOne Arcade library. The Sega Channel will debut with four SEGA Classics titles including Sonic the Hedgehog(R) and Ecco the Dolphin(TM).

"Great games last forever and has an extensive library of innovative and compelling content, and the powerful reach of RealOne Arcade helps us bring these great games to a whole new audience," said Scott Rubin, Director of Business Development for, Inc. "We are excited to be working with RealNetworks to bring back games that have stood the test of time."

"RealOne Arcade provides new opportunities for the gaming industry to unlock their archives as well as a simple and compelling platform for SEGA enthusiasts to play their all-time favorite games," said Ted Woolsey, Business Development Director, Games Division, RealNetworks, Inc. "We look forward to working with to launch additional games for the PC and provide a seamless experience for an entire new generation of gamers." is taking advantage of SEGA's more than 50 years of experience in the video game industry and RealOne Arcade's cutting edge technology to create the Sega Channel, a state-of-the-art gaming experience within the RealOne Arcade service. The SEGA Channel is scheduled to offer popular and classic content spanning all video game genres featured in RealOne Arcade, including action, adventure, sports, role playing games and more. In addition, the RealOne Arcade service provides features that make it incredibly easy for customers to download and enjoy all of these great games.

SEGA Classics titles available at launch:

-- Sonic the Hedgehog -- The original game that launched a video game legend, complete with colorful zones to explore, Badniks to battle, and rings to collect. It's an adventure you'll never forget.

-- Ecco the Dolphin -- In this underwater adventure Ecco the dolphin is challenged with finding his missing family. During his journey, he explores extensive underwater worlds, performs dramatic out-of-water acrobatics. Gorgeous graphics make this undersea experience feel like the real deal, while a compelling storyline keeps you immersed in Ecco's watery world.

-- Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine -- Sonic the Hedgehog's arch nemesis Dr. Robotnik is back in one of his most fiendish capers of all time. He's turned the citizens of Beanville into robots, and it's up to you to save them by mastering this tricky column-style puzzle game.

-- Columns(TM) III -- It's a treasure trove of puzzle magic featuring colorful jewels and tricky strategy. Test your powers of concentration and play against the clock or an opponent for hours of fun.

SEGA Classics titles coming soon:

-- Phantasy Star(TM) II -- Go back to the roots of SEGA's legendary role playing game series and discover the deeply immersive world and epic story that made it great. Explore a vast tropical planet and wild dungeons, while battling fierce enemies and pursuing quests alongside your comrades.

-- Shinobi(TM) III Return of Ninja Master -- This puts you back in the stealthy shoes of legendary ninja hero, Shinobi. Use your finest sword slashing and shuriken tossing talents to battle the evil forces that are bent on enslaving the world.

-- Sonic the Hedgehog(R) 2 -- Take a trip back with gaming's most famous hedgehog hero Sonic to the time when he meets his best
buddy Tails. Together they take on the Eggman and the quest to find the Chaos Emeralds.

-- Toejam and Earl(TM) -- The funky alien duo is back to get you groovin' to their hip-hop rhythms and chillin' with some of the oddest Earthlings around. Help them find the missing pieces to their spaceship so they can get off this freaky planet.

-- Vectorman(TM) -- This humble robot-turned-hero can clean up a mess and save humanity at the same time, all with a sense of
robo-humor. Vectorman can blast through walls, swim, fly, and drive a mean garbage barge.

-- Virtua Fighter(TM) 2 -- Eight of the world's toughest fighters clash in the game that brought arcade fighting home to the SEGA Genesis. Battle your way to the top by learning your characters special combo moves and your opponents' weak spots.

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