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Gamester 'Sportsboard' For PS2

by Thomas on Nov. 19, 2002 @ 1:25 p.m. PST

Virtual boarders can now be dope on the slopes, improve their carves in the bowl or chase bigger air on the waves thanks to a fantastic new Sportsboard from Gamester - the UK's leading video games accessories brand from Radica. Following the success of quality PlayStation 2 titles like Tony Hawks and Tricky SSX, Gamester has designed a quality board to match. The board's innovative design promises to leave it way out in front of any other products currently on the market, and offers gamers a real chance to improve their performance on the powder, in the park and on the water.

Unlike other boards - which are chunky and clunky and pivot in the middle like a see-saw throwing players off - the patented Gamester Sportsboard is slimline and ultra-sensitive. It offers gamers an analogue experience - the more pressure applied in a specific direction, the more the gaming character will turn, closely mirroring real life and dramatically enhancing both gameplay and performance. Adjustable sensitivity control ensures that gamers will be able to refine the board to suit their weight and sense of balance, while their favourite controller can be connected to perform all those SICK! moves.

"Boarding is a massively popular genre and gamers have been crying out for a good quality peripheral to use with these games" commented John Doughty, managing director of Radica UK Ltd. "the unique patented technology applied to our Sportsboard sets it streets ahead of existing boards in terms of looks and performance and once again highlights Gamester reputation as the world's most innovative VGA manufacturer."

The Gamester Sportsboard is available now at an SSP of £39.99. For further information about Radica please visit

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