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Codemasters Signs 'World War II: RTS' - New Screens

by Thomas on Nov. 21, 2002 @ 3:24 p.m. PST

Codemasters today confirms it has secured the global publishing rights to "World War II: RTS" (development title only) from 1C Company, the leading Russian game company renowned for the acclaimed flight simulator, IL-2 Sturmovik. Designed to take players closer to the entire, gruelling war experience than any strategy game previously, "World War II: RTS" will capture both the tactics and the emotions of being a commander in WWII’s key battles. The game has already attracted much attention for its historical detail and dramatic use of impressive visuals. The title is now in full development at 1C, with Codemasters consulting on game design; a release is planned in the spring of 2004. Check out six new ingame screens!

"We are as excited to sign "World War II: RTS" as we were with Operation Flashpoint," says Mike Hayes, Codemasters’ Marketing Director. "Military gaming is a massive market and this title has the appeal to widen its market beyond core players. 1C’s high production values will make this a movie blockbuster of a tactical wargame and a firm category leader."

Over 100 missions will see the player in command of troops and units through historic WWII battles, played out on authentically represented battlefields and other locations, from the European theatre of World War II.

The game’s key attraction is the realistic and personally intense detail in which the game portrays the 6-year war. "World War II: RTS" will accurately recreate hundreds of British, American, German, French, Soviet and other troops and units, complete with appropriate uniforms and weaponry.

Excellent game design will ensure that "World War II: RTS" becomes a universally appealing wargame. For experienced strategy and tactical gamers, the title offers challenging missions with detailed troop, unit and crew management. For PC gamers, seeking an introduction to tactical gaming, "World War II: RTS" will appeal through its historical authenticity and dramatic visuals. The game offers scalable levels of interaction; whereby the game's AI can optimally manage troop and unit behaviour and operations.

Although grand in scale, gameplay will deliver an intense personal wartime experience as players take command and responsibility for their men in the war’s major battles. As commander of a band of soldiers, each with their own skills, abilities, identities and personalities, players will even be able to zoom down in to the battlefield to individual soldiers and know what they're thinking and how they're feeling.

"This is a real advancement in tactical wargaming," says Nikolay Baryshnikov, 1C's International Sales Director. "We're creating a game that's incredibly rich in content and historical authenticity. With a leading graphics engine to deliver incredible visuals, it's set to be the most detailed WWII military command simulation on PC."

"World War II: RTS" is the game's current development title, its full publishing title will be announced shortly. Scheduled for release in the spring of 2004, the game will receive its premier at E3, Los Angles, in May 2003.

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