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'Fighter Ace 3.5' Lifts Off Next Week

by Rainier on Nov. 22, 2002 @ 1:46 a.m. PST

Jaleco Entertainment announced today that Fighter Ace 3.5 ships to stores on Tuesday, Nov. 26, just in time for Thanksgiving missions on the PC.

Fighter Ace 3.5, a new offering in the massively multi-player online air combat IP Fighter AceƤ, is available at retail outlets for the first time in its five year run. The CD-ROM includes three months’ free online gaming for new subscribers. Fighter Ace 3.5 is currently available for pre-sale online at EBGames and GameStop.

Fighter Ace 3.5 offers 96 authentic WWII aircraft, more than any flight game on the market. It is loaded with new features such as 16 new aircraft, film recording and playback, and paratroop assaults. It offers new seaports, Midway and ocean maps, optimal training missions and multiple runway airfields.

“Version 3.5 looks to be one of the best online WWII flight sims to date,” said reviewer Kevin Blanchard of PC Gameworld.

The title is developed and published by Jaleco Entertainment. It is rated “E.”

For more information visit Jaleco or the Fighter Ace website.

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