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'IGI2 : Covert Strike' - Beta Test Progress & Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 22, 2002 @ 7:35 p.m. PST

Today we receive an update on the IGI2 beta test progress (I-Series LAN parties), some screens, the first music track, and just to make you jealous, a Timberland map walkthrough, just so you know what you are missing out on. Beta phase-two code will soon be available and we will bring you more updates. Read more for all the juicy details!

IGI I-14 Last weekend we took a version of the beta test software down to I-14 ( The I-Series LAN parties are the largest in the UK, with over 800 gamers in attendance for 3 days and nights of network gaming. The large variety of computer equipment and the complex network structure allowed us to get a lot of compatibility feedback. Overall things went very well. Afterwards, some of the players said they really enjoyed it.

We also had the first 32-player IGI2 game running. A bit hectic but lots of fun! The network code held up really well and the extra players didn’t cause too many gameplay problems. A big thank-you to Zeb (Phase 1 beta tester, and member of the Multiplay staff), for all the work he put into making IGI2 go so smoothly at the event.

Game Music

The first music track from IGI2: Covert Strike can be downloaded off Worthplaying, click here (4.5mb)

Here is composer Kim Jensen's description of the work. Kim wrote and produced all the music in IGI 2 and you can expect to get your hands on a few more tracks from the game over the coming weeks. This track was created during a couple of hectic nights in my home studio some months ago. I often tend to get into that "IGI-mood" just after dusk. The inspiration here obviously comes from the game itself and partly from the short but sweet French horn main theme of IGI 1 that you might be able to recognize. While writing I had printed images of in-game action hanging on the walls around me. I find this method quite effective and it helps me not to lose focus and wander off in the wrong directions.

This one example is quite typical of the general feel of the IGI 2 soundtrack. IGI 2 is a very non-linear type of game, and thus our attempts of incorporating a typical "interactive music system" didn't work out. It proved to have more disadvantages than benefits and was therefore put to sleep. Because of this I choose to create music that will combine subtle suspense and tension with sonic atmosphere instead of banged up beats and crazy s***. This will often ruin your concentration and eventually take away your so called "suspension of disbelief".(And you're gonna need it if you want to save your ass in this game - Hehe)

The music for IGI 2 is all about not doing too much, and not too little. If I get that balance right it's more a question of creating the perfect atmosphere of any given setting. In my opinion, music for games like IGI should be almost invisible until you turn it off. If you do decide to turn it off and you feel that you have lost something... (and turn it back on) - then I would say I've done my job

Happy sneaking!

Multiplayer design feature

  1. Basics of multiplayer igi2
  2. Multiple objective based system
  3. Spawn system
  4. Weapon purchasing system
  5. Beta map

The Basics

The style of play reflects the stealth type found in the single player game. Rather than solely relying on small and tight, or open and empty environments found in most multiplayer FPS titles, IGI2 uses the out doors, and indoors in a new and refreshing way.

The focus of play is on team-based objectives. All the missions have multiple objectives for each team that must all be completed to win a round. Elements such as the map computer, security cameras, time-based actions and of course zip lines that are found in the single player game greatly enhance the multiplayer in IGI 2.

All the weapons from the single player game can be used in multiplayer, and a few extra ones too. Highlights include the SOCOM the SMG-2, the G11, the Jackhammer, and of course, the M82A1.

The satellite map computer plays a very important role in multiplayer games. As well as showing the positions of objectives and team-mates, you can also see any security cameras that have been activated and, if you zoom right in, it's just about possible to detect the movement of enemy players.

The stealthy style of this single player game is also evident, peeking around corners and scouting with binoculars can help to keep you hidden until its time to launch an attack.

Objective-Based Gameplay

IGI-2 builds on objective-based scenarios seen in other popular first-person shooters and takes those systems one step further. Each mission has multiple objectives that must be completed to win the round. For instance, the set of objectives for Timberland look like this:

IGI2 Objectives:

  1. Plant virus in computer
  2. Steal the plan drawings from a safe/safe room
  3. Destroy one of the machines

Conspiracy Objectives:

  1. Defend the computers
  2. Defend both copies of the drawings
  3. Defend the machinery

In this scenario it's clear that the IGI team are on the offensive and the team must complete all of the objectives to win the mission. Conspiracy's job is a little different; they must defend throughout and stop the IGI team from achieving their goal. The map would have a time limit and if IGI do not complete all the objectives within that time then Conspiracy win the round.

The Spawn System

The spawn system is designed to punish death, but not by making people sit out of the game. When you are killed you can select to spawn back into the game instantly, however doing so will cost you a significant amount of money. Over a period of 20 seconds the amount it will cost you to spawn gradually decreases until it is free.

This makes selecting when to spawn a tactical decision. If you keep getting killed then it might be better to sit and wait for the timer to go down, that way you save money and will be able to buy a better weapon. Of course, if the enemy is overwhelming you then you should spawn quickly and rush back to defend the objective.

The player can spawn at a number of different sites dependent on the map design; you can even view the spawn sites before deciding at which one to spawn. Again, this allows for tactical choices when spawning, it also helps to prevent spawn camping. Use duck & jump to cycle through spawns, click fire when you're ready.

Weapon Purchasing

The player is awarded money for killing enemy operatives and upon completion of an objective. This money can be used to buy new weapons and items. Weapons can be bought before spawning or during the game by returning to a spawn point. Pressing the buy key will take you through a series of buy menu screens where you can purchase any of the 30+ weapons available. Use the number keys / numpad to navigate the buy menu.

When you are killed you drop the weapon you are carrying. Is it worth spawning in quickly and trying to run back and pick it up again?

The following is a guide to the beta test map Timberland, written by Michael Rowland, one of the Codemasters QA team.

Timberland Walkthrough

On this map the IGI team are attacking and the Conspiracy team are defending. The overall objective for the IGI team is to plant a C4 bomb and destroy the production machines. This bomb is given to a member of the team at the start of the mission and must be carried all the way to one of the bombsites. There are two other objectives that must be completed on the way.

IGI2 Plan of Attack

The IGI team have the option to attack one of two computers located inside the house on the top floor. They are both in separate rooms, one at the top of the stairs behind the first door; the other is further down the corridor. There are two ways into the house - the front door and a ladder at the back of the building. Using doors makes noise as does climbing the ladder, but by using the walk toggle it is possible to climb silently. Getting to the house itself may be quite difficult as the defending team spawn a lot closer and have will set up camp before the attackers arrive. Working as a team is essential and communication vital. Co-ordinated attacks are the best way to break down the defences.

To the right of Objective 1 is a small hut containing a security PC. This can be used to turn off cameras and alarms making it easier to sneak inside. Using multiple entry points confuses the enemy so decoys are a good tactic. Vary routes of attack to surprise the enemy.

A crouch-jump onto the roof via the balcony handrail gives you quick access to the zip line and objective 2.

Objective 2 is set in a compound with two entry points. One is through the front gate; the other is through the back of the warehouse using either of the two doors. There are two sets of papers, but only one set is required to complete the objective. One set is in the warehouse safe, which will require picking, but it is very exposed with multiple entry points for the defence to enter. Cover is essential! The second set is located in the wooden hut, which contains two locked doors that require picking. This is more enclosed and is easier to protect the lock picker. Watch the windows though!

A good plan of attack on is to split the team in half and go for both objectives at the same time; this helps to confuse the defence. As one team member picks locks another should cover him. Using snipers as cover is also a good idea as defenders have access to other floors and can use roofs and walkways to improve their viewpoint of the area. Once the papers have been picked up make your way to Objective 3 using the zip line or by foot. Don't forget the bomb!!!

Objective 3 requires a bomb to be planted at either the lower warehouse or at the upper crusher. A conveyor belt and a zip line connect the two sites. The crusher itself is small so the area the bomb can be planted in is also quite small. It is in open land with a hill behind it, this can benefit the snipers when defending the bomb after planting. The nearest spawn point for defenders is the large warehouse. Don't fall into crusher it will kill you!!

The lower bombsite is a much larger area and gives IGI an option as to where to plant the bomb. It can be a good idea to try to hide the bomb and make the defenders lose valuable seconds trying to find it. This site is good for those with good close-quarter combat skills. The main entrance to the warehouse is guarded by a camera Sneak your way in or risk revealing your position to the defenders.

Before planting the bomb wait for teammates to arrive. The more cover for the bomb, the better the chances are of winning. Planting in an open spot will allow the attackers to disrupt defence while they are defusing.

Hills, bushes and trees scattered throughout the level are ideal for taking cover and hiding from the enemy. Select a suitable model at the start of the mission to help camouflage yourself.

Conspiracy Defence Plan

The Conspiracy team's most important defence point is at Objective 1. The longer the IGI team take to do this objective the less time they have to do the rest of the map. It is the objective where Conspiracy has the upper hand. The Conspiracy spawn site is closer to the house then the attackers and gives the defence some time to position themselves. As a team it is best to split up into 2 squads, one is left inside to defend the house and the other squad is left outside to defend the slopes, hills, security hut and other routes up to house. The group indoors are ideally armed with close quarter combat weapons and defend the 2 entry points, the front door and the balcony. Having a team member on the map computer is a good idea as positions can be relayed to one another via Team Chat. Listening for the use of ladders or computer typing will also alert players to IGI team's positioning.

It is important to get to Objective 2 very quickly; by entering the compound first the Conspiracy have the advantage. Attackers may come from the wooden bridge, the road bridge and from down the hill toward Objective 3. There may even be attackers from behind the warehouse. By using the roofs and walkways it is possible to get a better view of the area and spot incoming attackers. Keep moving to make a harder target for snipers. If killed spawn quickly and get back into the action. Familiarise yourself with the points of entry and shoot through windows if attackers are on other side. Keep checking the objectives to make sure no one has slipped through.

Objective 3 is to prevent the attackers from bombing either of the two machines. The map computer can be used to detect triggered security cameras and movement of enemy. Be careful that they do not use the conveyor belt to slip past you when you're travelling between sites. Using the right spawn sites is vital for defence. Spawn at the wrong place and it will take you a long time to get back into position

When defusing the bomb, ensure that good cover is given so at not to disturb the TBA. If attackers plant in an open area, be careful as they will try to disrupt the defusing of the bomb and will often use snipers to cover it.

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