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The '80s Are Back With Activision's Classic Gaming Collection

by Thomas on Nov. 25, 2002 @ 4:00 p.m. PST

The '80s are back with Activision's classic gaming collection Activision Anthology for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Jam-packed with over 45 Atari 2600 favorites from Pitfall! and Kaboom! to River Raid, Activision Anthology also features never-before-released titles and an '80s-themed soundtrack that will let gamers play their way down memory lane. The title is currently available at retail outlets nationwide for a suggested retail price of $29.99 and is rated "E" ("Everyone" content suitable for persons six years or older) by the ESRB.

"Activision Anthology provides fans with an unprecedented retro gaming experience on the PlayStation 2," said Larry Goldberg, executive vice president, Activision Worldwide Studios. "By combining the best of '80s gaming and music with current technology, gamers now have the best of both eras."

Activision Anthology lets players revisit old favorites Barnstorming, Chopper Command, Freeway®, Megamania(TM) and more. Fans can play all of the games in classic mode or, for an added challenge, they can be played in 15 different unlockable wild and wacky enhanced gameplay modes. Classic mode lets fans play the original way with all of the sound effects and action they remember. Enhanced gameplay modes include Ricochet mode, in which the game screen bounces around the television screen, Cube mode, where the game appears on each face of a rotating cube, and Whirl mode where the screen slowly spins 360 degrees around the middle of the TV screen during gameplay. In addition, instead of a typical flat-screen shell, the menu functions of the game are brought to life in the setting of a teenager's bedroom from the '80s. To play a game, fans need to select a title from the cartridge rack and place it into the game system. To change the music and sound volumes, players must select the radio and adjust the settings from there.

Activision Anthology also includes a rockin' soundtrack that boasts top hits of the decade such as Soft Cell's "Tainted Love," Blondie's "The Tide Is High," Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna' Take It," A-Ha's "Take on Me," Men Without Hats' "Safety Dance," Squeeze's "Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)" and more.

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