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'Island Xtreme Stunts' & 'Drome Racer' (PC/PS2/GBA) Ship on Dec 6th

by Rainier on Nov. 26, 2002 @ 10:22 p.m. PST

Quiet on the set... and action! Join the excitement and take on the role of stuntman extraordinaire, Pepper Roni, in Island Xtreme Stunts from LEGO Interactive and Electronic Arts. The game, geared toward young gamers, will be released for Game Boy Advance, PS2 and for the PC on December 6th 2002. It's time to put the pedal to the metal and hit the road in Drome Racers from Electronic Arts and LEGO Interactive. Released for the PS2 and for the PC on December 6th 2002, this multi-terrain "anything goes" racing experience gives young racers the challenge of a lifetime as they race for the coveted Drome Championship.

On a high energy movie set, players can drive, fly, jet ski, motorbike and sky surf through five extreme stunt action sub-games taking them all over LEGO® Island. A skate park allows Pepper to hone his skateboarding skills with eight basic grabs plus spins, fakies and grinds. Players can explore by foot, skateboard or (with the right driving license) in any of the LEGO vehicles available to drive or fly. All of the vehicles are based on the popular LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts toy line.

If all that stunt action gets too much there are plenty of things to do just by exploring the Island itself. For starters, talking to the friendly Islanders will lead players to discover more than 20 quests. Also, scattered (or hidden) around the Island are collectible character trading cards not to mention all of the LEGO bricks, which are the basic building blocks for "Brickimals" – cool LEGO animals. In addition, a favorite feature with younger fans is "toying" - the ability to change LEGO Island objects at the touch of a button!

The Game Boy Advance version focuses on four of the five stunt action games combined with four additional puzzle games, including Pizza Overload and Trouble in Store. There is also a multiplayer option in four of the mini-games with two of them accommodating up to four-players.

The PlayStation 2, PC and Game Boy Advance versions of Island Xtreme Stunts were developed by UK-based Silicon Dreams Ltd. and are suitable for players 3+. The PlayStation 2 console version carries an RRP of £29.99, the PC RRP is £24.99 and the GameBoy Advance RRP is £29.99.

Racers take on the role of Max Axel in their quest for the Championship Trophy, getting behind the wheel of any of 18 high-tech LEGO cars based on the 2002 LEGO® Racers construction toy range. Each car is built to reflect the dragster, on- and off-road LEGO car models. A customisation feature also allows players to upgrade their vehicles based on their performance, with the top-rated drivers earning the best engine, tire, turbo and aerodynamic upgrades.

Drome Racers offers three fun and challenging modes of play: Quick Race for instant play; Arcade for both Single Race (choose the car and track) and Time Trial (race against the clock to beat the record lap time); and Career for the story-based, Multi-Challenge league racing. Each Multi-Challenge Race is a set of two to seven stages in different environments, mixing tracks with graphically stunning city, mountain and canyon backdrops. Racers can show off their racing prowess to your friend's head to head in two-player split-screen multiplayer mode.

The action is spiced up still further as speedsters can deploy any one of the seven track pick-ups including the disruptor field which will wreak havoc on your closest competitor's bodywork or repulsor which turns your wheels into jets so you can fly past the leaders.

Drome Racers was developed by United Kingdom-based Attention to Detail Ltd and is suitable for players 3+. The PlayStation 2 console version carries an RRP of £39.99 while the PC RRP is £29.99. For more information on Drome Racers, visit the Drome Racers web site.

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