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'Civilization III: Play the World' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 27, 2002 @ 12:39 a.m. PST

Firaxis has released a new patch for Civilization III: Play The World that fixes the multiplayer bugs in their recent turn based strategy game expansion (thanks HomeLan). Read more for detailed fix list and links where to grab it ...

Get the Civ3 : Play The World v1.14f patch off Worthplaying (9.5mb)

Get the Civ3 : Play The World v1.14f patch off Firaxis (9.5mb)

Additions in v1.14f:

  • Added info about outposts to pedia entry for Masonry.
  • Added info about airfields to pedia entry for Flight.
  • Added info about radar towers to pedia entry for Radio.
  • Added information about upgrading units to civilopedia entries for Barracks, Harbor, and Airport.
  • Added status message for MP setup to tell when players leave the game.
  • Added code to update lobby when players are removed from the setup screen.
  • Added code to update lobby when the number of players changes on the setup screen.
  • Added support for Cut/Copy/Paste in edit boxes (chat, text boxes, etc.)
  • Added code to refresh lobby window when games are removed or updated.
  • When a player lags out, a message box will now come up after 5 seconds of them lagging. They are given 60 seconds to recover from this lag, and at any point any player can choose to drop them from the game.
  • When joining a multiplayer game, a join timer will appear letting you know that you are attempting to join a game. During this process you may cancel the join, thus aborting the attempt.

Changes in v1.14f:

  • Removed Frigate from England's build list as it is replaced by the Man-O-War.
  • Intro movie no longer plays when joining games through GameSpy Arcade.
  • Turnless speed now defaults to normal.
  • Improved overall game speed.
  • When a player is in the process of connecting to a game, all players will be informed by his name being replaced with the word 'Connecting'.
  • When loading a game, all players will now be informed who still is left to load the game. The people who have yet to load the game have their names replaced with 'Loading Game'.

Fixes in v1.14f:

  • Fixed bug that caused barbarians to receive victory points.
  • Fixed typo in password popup.
  • Fixed redraw bug that occurred after capturing/destroying airfields, towers, outposts, and colonies.
  • Fixed Send Text Message hotkey typo in civilopedia.
  • Fixed typo in labels for Victory Points.
  • Fixed incorrect civilopedia entry when clicking on espionage icon.
  • Fixed bug that caused unit selection order to be incorrect at the beginning of restarted MP games.
  • Fixed typo in pedia entry for Scientific Method.
  • Fixed typo in pedia entry for Invention.
  • Fixed typo in pedia entry for Carthage.
  • Fixed typo in pedia entry for Scandinavia.
  • Fixed bug that caused MP difficulty level to always be Regent.
  • Fixed bug with city screen and adviser screens not working togeter properly.
  • Fixed bug that caused multiple exits to be required from military adviser screen.
  • Fixed bug that caused rewinding replay to not work for destroying or capturing cities.
  • Fixed bug that caused color blind help and disable pop. limit warning prefs to be swapped
  • Fixed bug with stack goto and moving 1 tile.
  • Fixed bug that caused turn indicator to not be displayed on the first turn of MP turn-based games.
  • Fixed bug with free tech popups from Theory of Evolution.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the AI to trade communications before they had the tech that allowed it.
  • Fixed bug that caused kings and princesses for respawned AI civs to respawn in the wrong location.
  • Fixed crash caused by going to the science adviser screen in the future era.
  • Fixed crash on ranking screen in debug/editor mode.
  • Fixed infinite autosave bug caused by changing the label for 'Autosave'.
  • Fixed bug that caused 'Diplomatic' to not be selected when the espionage screen is first displayed.
  • Fixed several typos in diplomacy text.
  • Fixed OOS when using Sentry commands.
  • Fixed bug with palace upgrades not being saved.
  • Fixed crash when joining MP games through GameSpy Arcade.
  • The Manual incorrectly lists the number of victory points assigned per turn for holding a victory location. The correct amount is 25 per turn.
  • Host Canceling a game in the staging area now actually cancels the game instead of choosing a new host.
  • Messages will now process even if you have checked the 'Rename' option in the setup window.
  • You can no longer change your name to match any other players name.
  • Timer on turnless games has been increased slightly to make the early game progress faster.
  • Metering is no longer dependent on the host machine -- it is now dependent on the system itself.
  • Fixed lag issue with modem hosting.
  • Added Hwach'a and Berzerk to upgrade path.
  • Removed Hwach'a airlift ability.
  • When loading a game, the setup screen will no longer display 'Barbarian Chiefdom'.
  • City View Screen now refreshes when a unit is disbanded from it.
  • Stability improvements to connecting to staging window.
  • Fixed a sporadic fatal on exit.
  • Spanish build preferences changed to building wealth often.
  • Fixed bug where game would not launch if you had the Game Limits popup open.
  • Fixed 'Famous Replay Bug.'
  • Fixed bug with ruins moving when zoomed.
  • Fixed typos in labels and popup text.
  • You can no longer have multiple open combo boxes on the screen.
  • Games started in Arcade that are password protected now report correctly.
  • Fixed a crash bug when joining the setup window from the staging room.
  • Locked games will now report as locked even if they are also passworded.
  • Time limit games now end in-synch instead of at different times on everyones machine.
  • Fixed a bug where the settler would not build the first turn of a game.


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