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'The Gladiators' & 'Heart Of Iron' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 27, 2002 @ 2:54 a.m. PST

A new patch for The Gladiators: Galactic Circus Games has been released, updating the UK edition of this 3D action RTS by Eugen Systems to version 1.2. This release adds 17 new multiplayer maps, multiplayer and co-operative enhancements and fixes, and other changes. Strategy First has release a tiny patch for the just released WWII strategy game Hearts of Iron with a number of fixes for the North American version of the Paradox Entertainment developed game. Read more for detailed (and long) fix lists on both patches and links where to grab them ..

Get the 'Gladiators' v1.2 patch/map pack off Worthplaying (6mb)

Get the 'Gladiators' v1.2 patch/map pack off 3DGamers(6mb)

Get the 'Hearts Of Iron' patch v1.01 off Worthplaying (555kb)

Get the 'Hearts Of Iron' patch v1.01 off Strategy First (555kb)


The Gladiators v1.1 -> v1.2 UK patch


  • 17 new maps and extension of the different gaming modes to most of them. In total 25 maps and more than 40 different playing modes to select from.


  • Each user is featured as 1 channel, and one only.
  • A list of official channels, defined by the server, appears in the chat window.


  • ALL SOLO MISSIONS (except tutorial) can be played in CO-OPERATIVE MODE !
  • Each player controls the units he wishes to;
  • Max 4 players, may be limited to less by the host;
  • Only the host though can collect Power-ups and build in the Spawn zones;
  • No cut-scenes in this mode;
  • Scores and ranks are stored for each player.
  • A news board offering info at each connection.


  • The possibility to create private LAN and INTERNET sessions protected by password
  • The automatic disconnection of a player suffering from too heavy lag times on Internet
  • Add-on and corrections of the session info windows.
  • The displayed number of players does not count spectators anymore (only playing gamers);
  • The amount of spectators is displayed separately (so, you'll know the amount of fans you have;-) ;
  • Only sessions READY TO BE JOINED will be displayed to avoid confusion;
  • The name of the HOST is displayed.


  • Bug of the "fake" network camps corrected;
  • Bug of the vision-sharing in ally mode corrected;
  • Minor spelling mistakes in different language versions corrected.

Hearts Of Iron v1.01

Gameplay tweaks

  • It is now possible to retreat onto allies' provinces or to areas where you have military access.
  • Landing troops at a beachhead now carries supplies and oil for a week, storing them at the beachhead.
  • Rebasing range for aircrafts are now three times the combat range.
  • You now get larger penalties when invading beaches, even with marines.
  • Damage from Nukes are now permanent.
  • You now gain, daily, some transports, depending on the amount of naval tradition your country has.
  • The 'keep your current government' option in elections has now been enabled.
  • Battleships in sea zones adjacent to a landcombat now provide shore bombardment, which reduces the opponent's efficiency.
  • AA guns firing is now checked at controller, not owner of province.
  • Zero org ships are now only sunk if less than 20 strength.
  • Reinforcing divisions now costs a lot more supplies.
  • All extra oil, above 1 day's reserve, will be converted to rubber to keep industries going if in need.
  • Finished troops are now always at the top of buildlist.
  • Fixed a serious bug, which caused a too large penalty to defenders' efficiency.
  • Airunits should now automatically return to carriers, even if carriers have moved during the air mission.
  • Airunits should now be overrun and lost if forced to land on enemy territory, or if airbase is overrun.
  • Removed a duplicate event effect in heavy aircraft tech.
  • Build costs and times for brigades lowered.
  • A democratic nation declaring war on another democractic nation will see his war-entry drop dramatically.
  • Strategic bombing is now a default command in the menus for planes that can do it.
  • Bombardment on fleeing units should no longer cause them to break and cause the combat to end within 1 hour.
  • Revolting sides in civil wars now have the same national provinces as the original government.
  • Civil War events now share tech, resources and manpower with the revolting side.
  • When a civil war ends, the winning side should now get the original capital back, as well as the enemy manpower and all surviving enemy divisions.
  • Unit sprites are now chosen a bit more intelligently, based on the division type majority.
  • Soviet need for consumer goods production have been tweaked down slightly.
  • Supply costs for planes have now been dropped to a 10th.
  • Soviet consumer goods need in 1939 is now lower than in 36.

Generic Bugfixes

  • Fixed one reproducable CTD.
  • Fixed a rare crash bug that could occur after certain province ownership change events.
  • Fixed some message bugs, where the order of names was reversed.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the cursor to be a few pixels off.
  • Arrows in Tutorial are correct in higher resolutions now.
  • Made some interface tweaks in the reorg window, to reduce frustration.
  • Fixed a crash and lockup bug in the Inter-Agent army allocation AI.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the upgrade button to light up when it shouldn't for air divisions.
  • Air units and divisions in the deployment pool are now handled better when civil wars happen.
  • Spanish Civil War events should now trigger correctly.
  • Joining an alliance from an event, now also joins all the alliance leaders' wars.
  • Leaders and Ministers should now be initialized properly when a new country is created.
  • Optimized the savegame file size.

AI Fixes

  • Japan will now also take out Sinkiang if possible.
  • Japan now goes after the Indonesian rubber after pacifying the Chinese.
  • Japan will now target the Philippines when they go to war with the US.
  • Further tweaks to the diplomatic and alliance building AI were done.
  • Italian war declaration AI is a bit smarter now.
  • Italy will no longer declare war on Greece or Yugoslavia before the war against France has ended.
  • Finland will now be a lot more likely to join the Axis if Germany is at war with the USSR and Finland has lost provinces to the USSR.
  • Front AI is now less defensive while it has the initiative.
  • Front AI no longer attacks high-attrition provinces at all (not the ideal solution though).
  • Front AI is now less obsessive about taking undefended provinces.
  • Front AI now requests bombings in a much more focused manner.
  • Front AI will now be better at reinforcing supply routes to spearheads.
  • Front AI will now prioritize relieving pockets more.
  • Front AI will now request and hopefully receive more units if the situation is desperate.
  • Front AI will now count friendly forces already in a province when calculating odds before attacking.
  • Front AI will no longer refrain from attacking just because some very far off enemy armies are on their way to the province.
  • Front AI: Spearhead forces will no longer attack too deep into enemy territory.
  • Front AI: Reserves will no longer be left behind as the front advances.
  • Front AI: Tactical air support is now given to friendly armies engaged in combat if the AI is in defensive mode.
  • Front AI: Provinces where there is combat are now prioritized for air strikes, even prior to new ground offensives.
  • Fronts will no longer return troops to the garrison AI just because the enemy is weak along the front - if the enemy is a powerful nation.
  • Fronts will now be properly deleted and their units returned to the garrison AI if the country makes peace.
  • Fronts will no longer lock up in certain situations due to having too few divisions to cover all provinces.
  • Fronts will now strive to never stack more than 24 divisions in the same province.
  • Fronts will no longer redeploy units into low infra provinces.
  • A situation where fronts were not dissolved correctly (e.g. the German one in the "Bitter Peace event") has been fixed.
  • Garrison AI will no longer move units through attrition provinces (if it does, the pathfinding is at fault).
  • Garrison AI for various countries tweaked.
  • Unit allocation between AI agents (fronts and garrison) has been completely rewritten.
  • Made the garrison AI even more wary of moving units over very long distances (mainly affects the USSR).
  • Fixed a distance bug in the Inter-Agent allocation AI (did not correctly take the closest units).
  • Nationalist China front AI is no longer more defensive than the norm.
  • Reserves are now thrown in against provinces that are under attack.
  • Armaments AI now decides on most needed unit after it decides which military branch (air, naval, land) is currently the weakest.
  • Countries with no ports will no longer try to build ships.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented deployment of new armies (mainly affected Germany).
  • The AI will now rebase strategic bombers to better locations, so that the US will be able to use their bombers.
  • The AI will now rebase its naval bombers properly, and use carriers if it has.
  • Bomber AI will no longer keep huge stacks of airplanes in the same province.
  • Bomber AI is now much better at assigning their pools correctly.
  • Made some improvements in the naval invasion AI.
  • Invasion AI learned to build up big forces in antipication of attack.
  • Fixed a bug which froze transportations for AI units.
  • Improved the air AI, so that the AI will now base fighters to defend its industries.
  • The AI is now smarter about spending more IC on research.
  • AI will now be better at transporting troops to overseas areas.
  • Improved the AI air-path-finding.
  • Improved the AI for sliders selection.
  • Certain AI nations will now build coastal fortifications.
  • AI nations will now build more industries when there is a great resource surplus that they can make use of.
  • Tactical bombers will no longer redeploy as much in peace time - better to save fuel.
  • The AI now redeploys ships and airunits which have been sent back to the forcepool.
  • AI is now better at repairing its ships.
  • Countries under military control by AI nations (puppet states) will now redeploy their troops again.
  • Tactical bombing will now cease when a province no longer contains enemy units.
  • Reserves will now receive the correct number of divisions from the start (and no longer strip crucial front provinces).

Scenario Setup & Events


  • A large revision of the provincial Industrial Capacity and Resource values.
  • Major revision of South African ministers. Now correct election years, ministers in nearly all cabinets, with loyalties, ideologies and personalities.
  • Naval technology changes to shore-attack values for all land units. It is a large revision to game balance that gives marines a stronger punch, leg units weaker punch, and vehicle units weakest punch. Cavalry get no bonus anymore.
  • Two ministers changed in every Cabinet A for polish ministers.
  • All provincial game values changed between Constanta and Dobrich including the harbour, so that Constanta is the important province.
  • The South African cabinet have been changed.
  • Kunming, Wutunghliao, Chengdu now have some rubber for game balance reasons.
  • UK leader Montgomery's name is corrected, raised skill to 4, and rank 1.


  • Minor technology package removed from Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba,Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador, Uruguay,Venezuela and Peru.
  • Minor technology package added for Persia, Philippines, Siam and Yugoslavia.
  • Spanish unit moved to Bata.
  • Spain now receives supply in Baleares, Canaries, Rio de Oro, Ceuta and Bata.
  • Corrected a script error that made UK ship 'Dido' part of the 3rd Submarine Flotilla.
  • Transports added to Spain.
  • Added Sudanese and East African Colonials for UK.
  • Iraq now have an Order of Battle.
  • United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Canada now have access to each other's countries.
  • In the Italian Order of Battle we merged the colonial cavalry brigades to a single division, merged all understrength fighters and torpedo bombers, and changed the Torpedo bombers to "naval bombers".
  • Italy is no longer a part of the Axis.


  • Ownership and Control over the Philippines have been removed from USA to allow Philippines to exist as a US-Puppet.
  • Minor technology package added for Persia, Philippines, Siam and Yugoslavia.
  • Spain now receives supply in Baleares, Canaries, Rio de Oro, Ceuta and Bata.
  • Mitilini was Turkish, changed to Greek.
  • Corrected a script error that made UK ship 'Dido' part of the 3rd Submarine Flotilla.
  • Transports added to SPA.
  • Added Sudanese and East African Colonials for UK.
  • Iraq now has an Order of Battle.
  • Japan now has convoys to Haikou, Taihoku, and Guangzhou.
  • Canadian Navy corrected.
  • German XII Army Corps in Slovakia are now under German control.
  • The Italian Order of Battle was overhauled, merging several divisions.
  • The missing Soviet Navy was added.
  • The Baltic States, Bessarabia and Karelia have been added as Soviet core provinces.


  • Minor technology package removed from Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba,Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador, Uruguay,Venezuela and Peru.
  • Minor technology package added for Persia, Philippines, Siam and Yugoslavia.
  • Hungary given Transylvania and Munkacs provinces.
  • Ziguinchor is now French, not US.
  • Ipoh is now British, not Indonesian.
  • Banana is now British, not Portugese.
  • Romania now owns and controls the Odessa area.
  • Germany not the USSR control Rostov.
  • Spain now receives supply in Baleares, Canaries, Rio de Oro, Ceuta and Bata.
  • Mitilini was Turkish, but now changed to Greek, Thesaloniki was German, but now changed to Bulgarian, Kirovograd & Dnepropetrovsk was German, but now changed to Romanian.
  • Corrected a script error that made UK ship 'Dido' part of the 3rd Submarine Flotilla.
  • The Canadian Newfoundland Escort Force now exists as well as setup transports (3) and escorts (8).
  • Japan starts at war with Sinkiang.
  • New OOB for Vichy.
  • Philipponed should now exist.
  • Province Rostov is now under Soviet control, not German.
  • New Convoys for UK.
  • Iraq is now a UK controlled Puppet and now have an order of battle.
  • Added Sudanese and East African Colonials for UK.
  • Madagascar is now Vichy and not French.
  • The German Order of Battle was overhauled, adding some missing model definitions, and adding some air detachments.
  • All German surface ships now have the right models.


  • "Artist reflects popular emotions and records epic song" Event will not occur if the country is at peace.
  • "Molotov-Ribentropp" Event now simulated the forced trade agreement by giving oil to Germany at Soviet expense.
  • "Danzig or War - The Poles fold" Event has increased the war entry effects.
  • "The Revolution has come!" Event is less likely to happen. Instead of being checked once a month it is now checked once a year.
  • "Lend-Lease for the USSR" Events now give 10 Industrial Capacity to Novosibirsk, Omsk, and Irkutsk each.
  • Clermont-Ferrand should now also be returned to Vichy by the Axis powers when the Vichy Event is executed.
  • "Artist expresses" Event should now have a correct trigger.
  • "Communist Coup - Anarchist movement crushed" Event now has 50% chance of taking place, not 100%.
  • "Spanish Civil War - Fascist Nation" Event now gives 200 of all resources and supplies.
  • "Spanish Civil War - Victory!!!" Event Spanish ownership of Madrid is now added to trigger.
  • All "Spanish Civil War Intervention" events now give more supplies and the random victory points designated are more spread.
  • "Anschluss of Austria" Event slightly less war entry as the effect is otherwise double-booked.
  • "Bitter Peace" Event adjusted to return provinces to and make peace with Finland, Sweden and Romania in case they still exist
  • "Finnish Winter War" Event has "control (certain provinces)" added to trigger plus puppet commands. Stopping the event from happening if the USSR has already taken their claim in war or if either the Soviet Union or Finland are puppets of somebody.
  • "Vichy France - Return of occupied provinces" Event added return of North African provinces (except Tunisia).
  • Some new events for relocating Soviet industries beyond Ural, and for the ending of the winter war added.
  • Bessarabia event will not happen if the USSR already has the provinces.
  • Warentry level trigger removed from US Lend-lease Act Event.
  • "Vichy France" Event no longer triggers if France does not control Vichy itself.

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