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'Walther P99 Light Gun' Announced For PS2

by Thomas on Nov. 27, 2002 @ 11:09 a.m. PST

4Gamers are pleased to announce the exclusive license for the light gun version of the Walther P99, the chosen weapon of the world's most famous agent.

The authentically styled Walther P99 Light Gun features new 'White Dot' technology which puts a white dot (natch) onto the TV to help with aiming. Similar in effect to a laser sight, the White Dot means no more blasting away in hope of hitting the target. Thanks to the White Dot technology and its calibration accuracy, your hit ratio is set to improve drastically, taking your game scores to new heights.

The Walther P99 Light Gun also features a vibration motor for added realism and a D-Pad for in-game movement and menu selection, plus auto-fire and auto-reload functions. The gun is compatible with Guncon and Guncon 2 modes and uses either USB or gameport connections. The 4Gamers Walther P99 Light Gun works on PS2, Psone and PSX game consoles.

Hit the target every time with the 4Gamers Walther P99 Light Gun

Features of the (SPC211) Walther P99 Light Gun :

PS2, PSone & PSX compatible.

Virtual Pointer/White Dot with on/off switch.

Vibration motor.

Authentic styling, based on the Walther P99 gun.

Normal/Guncon & Guncon 2 modes.

USB or gameport connections.

D-Pad control for in game movement and menu selection.

Start & Select buttons.

A, B & C action buttons.

Handgrip reload button.

Auto reload function.

Auto Fire & Reload function

Model Number: SPC211

The 4Gamers Walther P99 Light Gun for PS2, Psone and PSX has an RRP of £29.99

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