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First 'Force Feedback Wheel' For Xbox - Features & Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 9, 2002 @ 6:10 a.m. PST

Since the launch of the Xbox, Thrustmaster showed its technological advance in numerous occasions and is about to reiterate by releasing the 360 Modena Force GT, the first wheel adding impressive force effects to the Xbox gamer.

“The strong power of Xbox is known by the entire gaming community so we wanted to offer a racing wheel with a power as incredible as Xbox’s one” says Jocelyn Denis, Product Development Manager, “The full range of features of the 360 Modena Force GT has been developed in order to bring the most astonishing driving experience on Xbox”.

In addition to be an exact replica of the 360 Modena wheel from Ferrari®, the 360 Modena Force GT produces powerful Force effects 100% compatible with all racing games. Its new Force mechanism will optimize the force feedback effects generated by Xbox games. The Force effects integrated into the game will be optimized, as never before, by this new Thrustmaster wheel. In fact, the gamer will have the possibility to choose between Force effects, vibration or no effect by turning the switch button. Gamers will not simply hear their engine roar, they will feel it too.

The choice between Force effects, vibration and no effect is the first example of a long series of programmable functions offered by the 360 Modena Force GT. Gamers will also be able to adjust the strength of the effects between powerful, optimized and realistic as well as the level of vibrations by simply pressing the rumble button on the wheel. Buttons mapping, wheel sensitivity and automatic back to center complete the variety of customizable features of the 360 Modena Force GT.

Its exclusive design with rubber texture and knee-top system will allow comfortable gameplay on a couch or a chair. The 360 Modena Force GT also includes two progressive wheel mounted levers to fully control acceleration and braking, 8 action buttons, an 8-way D-pad and sturdy analog foot pedals.


The 360 Modena┬« Force GT will be available at the end of November 2002 at a suggested retail price of €99.99.


  • Thrustmaster exclusive Force Feedback technology 100% Compatible with all racing games on Xbox
  • Co development with SEGA for getting the best Force feedback effects in Sega GT 2002.
  • 2 progressive wheel levers for accelerating and braking
  • Rubber on handgrips
  • Exclusive Knee-top design to play everywhere on a sofa, a bed, a chair…
  • Switch Function to get customized driving experience (no vibration, vibration, Force Feedback)
  • Programmable buttons to change buttons allocation
  • Adjust the wheel sensitivity with the sensitivity button
  • Adjust the level of rumble with the rumble button
  • 3 different levels of Force feedback (Powerful, optimized, realistic)
  • Possibility to remove the back to center
  • 8 way D-pad
  • 2 sturdy progressive foot pedals for brakes and acceleration
  • 8 action buttons
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