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Big Mutha Truckers (PS2/XB) - Underwear Renders

by Thomas on Nov. 9, 2002 @ 4:23 p.m. PST

It seems that Jordan isn't the only woman to have allegedly picked Gareth Gates' virginal cherry. Now, Ma from Hick State County is in the frame for the title of 'Woman who first bedded the stuttering teenage spikey haired hearththrob'. Three more, um, 'saucy' underwear renders.

Ma, from the now mythical Big Mutha Truckers game is quoted as saying "I sure did take that young baw and show him a thing or two. The second I saw that baws stuttering tongue flicking in and out like a rabid rattler I knew he be destined for Ma's Deep-South forest.'

Chris East Head of Marketing & PR for Empire Interactive Europe Limited looked baffled, and responded to the allegations "I cannot believe that this is true. I mean, how could this happen? Who on earth would want to sleep with Gareth Gates? I believe it's a bit of Labour Party style spin doctoring on Gareth's behalf to put his new release at number 1. Ma Jackson is a fine looking woman, but I don't believe Gareth has ever been to Hick State County. Let alone Ma's nether regions."

Coincidentally, Ma Jackson has just released some stunning lingerie images from her new range. So there may be a bit of double spin doctoring.

Big Mutha Truckers will be released on November 29th on PlayStation 2 & Xbox.

Over 24 Mission based levels to truck through or a 60 day trading free for all.

Get your hands on the steering wheels of 4 'Big Mutha Trucks'.

Full damage model on all vehicles, involving deformation, animation and detachables.

Truck and trailer customisation with custom Paint Tool.

Truck repairs, upgrades and accessories.

Reputation and notoriety system.

Player interactive with varied game world characters.

Hear Pigs squeal regularly.

Nude Ma cheat available.

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