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'Hitman 2' - Corporate Statement

by Thomas on Nov. 9, 2002 @ 6:13 p.m. PST

Following statement is posted under a link named 'corporate statement' on the official Hitman 2 site (the Sikh Coalition Website is also updated with information): Eidos is pleased to confirm that it has reached an amicable position with the Sikh Coalition in relation to the changing of certain images and references depicting Sikhs within the game Hitman 2:Silent Assassin which is on general release. In recognition of the concerns and sensitivities which have been raised, Eidos and the developers, IO Interactive, have responded in both a socially and commercially responsible manner by:

  • removing from the Hitman 2 website all relevant images and content;
  • taking steps to amend the game on all existing platforms;
  • adapting the upcoming Gamecube Edition of the game. (thanks Blues)

Eidos and IO Interactive would like to stress that no offence was intended but would like to apologise to the Sikh community and other persons for any offence taken.

Eidos recognises the value of upholding the Company's good corporate citizenship status and strives to observe high standards of ethical behaviour in all its business activities. To that end, the lessons learned from the concerns expressed by the Sikh community will help to ensure that the Company continues to observe and respect cultural, religious and ethical sensitivities in its future products.

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