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'Planetarion' Up For Sale!

by Thomas on Dec. 1, 2002 @ 9:30 a.m. PST

Planetarion II is a science fiction online war game where thousands of worlds and hundreds of galaxies fight for the domination of the universe or merely survival. Now the community for Planetarion got following announcement posted on their site:

Planetarion is coming to an end on the 23rd of December 2002. Many will also know that Fifth Season AS, the company which owns Planetarion, has announced that they will no longer develop nor support the game and community off Planetarion and today are announcing the opening off bids for the sale off the game Planetarion.

Fifth Seasons AS, is aware it will never make back the financial commitment it has invested into the games development, but do understand the communities desire to continue being part of this game and hope its new owners will developing Planetarion with its playing community at heart. So, if your company believes it can benefit from owning a massive multiplayer online game which has proven stability with nearly 180,000 users in one round and an over 6,000 existing paying customer base, then please don’t hesitate in contacting me.

I am not going to bore you with all the “Firsts” Planetarion has been in the online gaming scene, or how the game is more than just an online game to its loyal community. I am not even going to list all the benefits and possibilities there is with owning Planetarion. The “right” buyer will already know about Planetarion & its community and not be just a company who wishes to purchase purely for commercial reasons.

The sale will include:

All code developed and pertaining to the Planetarion game.
Alliance hosting (conditional)
The domain & name.
The Planetarion Forums.
The Planetarion Portal (conditional)

What you will need to support the game Planetarion(NOT INCLUDED):

5-6mbits (peak time) serving approx 1 Million pages per day
Peak info for busiest day: 21.420.353 kb, 1.824.117 pages
For October, we pushed 525GB of data over the internet link, 38Mill pages, 87Mill hits. 194.316 unique IP addresses accessed us.
1 * Fast dual processor database server with a scsi raid controller, running Sybase or MSSQL.
4-6 * Normal web servers PIII 500+ with 1 GB memory with large hard drive capacity, RedHat 6.2, with a 2.4.x kernel

Forums: Normal webserver with php, mysql, apache.
Alliance Hosting : Normal webserver with php, mysql, apache.
Portal: Normal webserver with php, mysql, apache

Offers are to be made via emailing to or contacting me directly on nickname “Zeus” to discuss it. I stress, only serious bidders please we don’t have time to waste. NO bids will be accepted AFTER December 3rd 2002 and on the 4th December 2002 Fifth Season AS will make their decision. We are seeking to complete this sale as soon as possible so that Planetarion can continue as well as minimise the disruption to the community.

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