'Charm Of War' - New Screens

by Thomas on Dec. 1, 2002 @ 1:11 p.m. PST

Charm of War is an upcoming RPG/RTS from Buka Entertainment, developed by Antitank. Last week we received the latest build of this game, and of course we fired off some screens. Release date is set to III quarter 2003.. Read more for the screens and features!


All kinds of troubles deplete the world of Talisman: feud wars between local tzars as well as the wrondoings of unholy forces, but they are nothing compared to the disappearance of the world capital – Kiyazh. You, as one of 4 available sitizens of Kiyazh who narrowly avoided the horrifying event, is up to solve the puzzle of this mystical vanisnment by any means.

CHARM OF WAR will carry you to the wonderful world of Russian legends and fairy tales, where mighty tzars wage wars against each other, wood- goblins hide among trees, witches and evil wizards cast mighty spells from their dark caverns, and water-sprites inhabit all the rivers and lakes. Magic enchantments controlling the forces of nature, feudal castles, free towns, villages of amazing Slavic charm… The vurdalaks, forest spirits, blood-sucking bats await you in the acres of the game’s huge world.

Acquire the power of the Gods! Solve the great mystery of Kiyazh! And restore the Golden Age of your land.

Key features:

  • Four character with unique personalities.
  • Tens of authentic monsters..
  • Architecture of old Slavic houses built without the use of a single nail.
  • Unique design, based on mysterious motives of orthodox culture and old scriptures.
  • Extensive, detailed gaming world with hundreds of NPCs.
  • Spells, whose effect is seen not only in various animations but in real physical models too - for example, a tornado will spin all objects in its radius in a deadly whirlwind.
  • Fast graphics.
  • Thousands of unique objects.
  • Realistic physics of objects interaction.
  • AI based on the nations’ logics.
  • Absolute destructibility of everything.

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