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'Bubble Bobble Old & New' (GBA) - Screens and Features

by Thomas on Dec. 1, 2002 @ 7:41 p.m. PST

The game will closely follow the original Bubble Bobble Arcade classic, which burst into the gaming archives in 1986. 'Old and New' will be splicing together two gaming generations and will employ the same graphics and gameplay structure as the original. In addition to this, it will also take inspiration from the sequel, 'Rainbow Islands' (1989). Developed by Taito, based in Japan; developers of, Space Invaders and Super Bust-A-Move and many more titles make up their official development portfolio.

Nostalgia, it's a beautiful thing. We all suffer from it and far too many times have there been mass debates (sorry) at the local hostelry about how great certain game were and how they were so much better than the ones of today. And then you manage to 'acquire' a version from the net and download it to your PC in it's full glory with an impact of knocking your rose tinted glasses to the floor and forcefully grinding it into the Tarmac.

Yes the majority of those classic game fall well short of our colourful memories but every now and then one sticks its head above the rest and proves that there were indeed a few of the oldies that even by today standards are pretty bloody good.

Bubble Bobble is one such game, and thanks to Empire Interactive you'll now be able to take a blast from the past - launch yourself into the bubble blowing euphoria is the Taito-developed game on your trusty Game Boy AdvanceTM.

But if that wasn't enough, the Game Boy AdvanceTM version of Bubble Bobble Old & New will (possibly obviously?) contain 'Old' and 'New' versions of the game - with 'Old' being a perfect conversion of the original arcade game, and 'New' featuring all new (surprise!) graphics, music & sounds, level layouts and items.

To give some idea of Taito's excellent credentials, you may know of one or more of these games...
Space Invaders, Bust-A-Move, Darius (no not the pop star you funny people), Ninja Warriors, RayStorm, and Elevator Action...

So, pick up your GBA and start blowing more bubbles than a rabid West Ham supporter.

Old and New versions of the Taito classic for double the fun and lasting appeal

Use bubbles, fire, lightning and other power-ups to dispatch the baddies in 100 action packed levels

Full screen playability unlike the scrolling Game Boy Colour version, with scaleable graphics options to make the most of Game Boy AdvanceTM graphic capabilities

Item library... save your power-ups for later, and find new rare items in 'New' game

Computer AI support during one player games

Link cable compatible for simultaneous two-player mode with one cart.

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