'Micro Machines' For NGC & GBA In January 2003

by Thomas on Dec. 12, 2002 @ 6:36 p.m. PST

Infogrames announces that it will be shipping Micro Machines for Nintendo’s GameCube and Game Boy Advance to retailers in January 2003. Infogrames’ Sheffield House development studio (responsible for the GameCube version) and Paragon 5 / Infinite Dreams (who made the Game Boy Advance version) have produced polished, vibrant games that are sure to delight Nintendo fans of all ages with their quirky sense of humour and fast and furious gameplay.

Infogrames has introduced characters to the Micro Machines universe, imbuing the games with lots of personality. Each character has their own set of vehicles to career around the huge variety of tracks, with vehicles changing according to the terrain. So, in the GameCube version, when Miami Mike, the still-at-home 80s ‘playboy’ moves from the path to the pond in the Jungle Fever level, his vehicle changes from a four wheel drive to a speedboat automatically, while dotty old Aunt Betty manages to alight from her army lorry to her motorboat without the aid of a Zimmer frame. A special all-terrain hovercraft can also be unlocked once players have won the Micro Machines Championship Cup.

A unique feature for the Game Boy Advance version is the possibility to bet Micro Machines points on the outcome of the races, and use your winnings to improve your vehicle before the next race.

Features per platform include:

On GameCube:
• 4 gameplay modes
• 48 different vehicles
• 24 different tracks

The Game Boy Advance version varies slightly, with:
• 7 addictive gameplay modes
• 40 vehicles
• 16 tracks

With hidden power-ups and a massive amount of hilarious weapons across eight enormous worlds in both versions, Micro Machines for Nintendo’s systems will keep gamers of all ages and abilities entertained for hours.

Pascale Vermeerbergen, International Marketing Director at Infogrames said, “In Micro Machines, Infogrames has produced a racing game that is easy to play and difficult to master. It engages players of all ages and abilities, and has broad mass market appeal.”

Micro Machines on Game Boy Advance and GameCube will be in stores across Europe on January 17th 2003.

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