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'Black & Bruised' (PS2/NGC) - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Dec. 13, 2002 @ 2:57 a.m. PST

Black & Bruised thrusts players into the colorful world of 18 lively boxers, each forced into competitive boxing for individual reasons. Competing in 18 different arenas, players learn the life story of each boxer and how winning will benefit them. Characters are differentiated not only by their look, but by their individual personalities, which are enhanced by the game’s advanced AI system. More than 30 unique and detailed facial animations are used to convey the boxer’s mood and reaction to landed punches. Read more to check out some new screens and a new trailer.. Njoy!

European Links

Get the high res Black&Bruiser trailer off Worthplaying (1min48sec/14mb)

Get the Med res Black&Bruiser trailer off Worthplaying (1min48sec/8mb)

USA Links

Get the high res Black&Bruiser trailer off Worthplaying (1min48sec/14mb)

Get the Med res Black&Bruiser trailer off Worthplaying (1min48sec/8mb)

High-quality cartoon cel-shading technology showcases the game’s cartoon-esque visuals and cleverly exaggerates game play. Black & Bruised features pressure sensitive controls, which are easy to learn, but hard to master, and provide players a full sense of control over their boxer. Player immersion is further heightened with the use of skeletal motion and skin morphing technology which creates fluid character movements.

Additional game features for Black & Bruised include:

  • Five modes of play: Training, Single, Championship, Survival and Two-Player:
    • Training – Refine your techniques by fighting the training robot;
    • Single – Select your opponent and go one-on-one with the computer;
    • Championship – Fight a list of opponents and go for the World Title;
    • Survival – Fight as many opponents as you can knockout;
    • Two-Player – Go head-to-head with a friend;
  • First-person or close-up third person camera viewpoints allow players to fight how they are most comfortable;
  • Boxer’s Life mode – After a match, the console’s Full Motion Video (FMV) updates to reflect the impact of the fight’s outcome on the character’s life. It will not only define the stakes, but also affect the way the boxer performs in the next bout;
  • Special effects – Stars, perspiration, particle effects and explosions will indicate the effectiveness of a particular punch and add to the zany feel of the game.
  • Super Punch – Every boxer has a “super punch” to destroy his/her opponent. Fire, electricity and explosion effects indicate super punches.


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