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Want Free Phantagram Games For a Year?! (ALL)

by Thomas on Dec. 13, 2002 @ 11:27 a.m. PST

Previously, Phantagram Europe has announced in celebration their Top 20 entry in ChartTrack, Phantom Crash, which was released 22nd November 2002, with a prestigious event titled Phantom Crash Battle Royal Competition. Already they have been receiving many entries but time is running out. With the deadline on 29th December 2002, competitors that have already entered the competition have demonstrated their skills greatly. This is all in bid to win a "Year supply of Phantagram titles on all formats", "Phantarama CD", "discount" off your purchased copy of Phantom Crash and a free copy of "Kingdom Under Fire Gold". For competition entry, the player has to play Phantom Crash playable Demo on Official U.K. Xbox Magazine that was released 27th November 2002. They have to defeat 25 opponents in the fastest time possible and prove the results to Phantagram Europe via Photo or Video Tape... Find out more below!

Phantagram Europe has released a Reminder Trailer to compliment the competition. This trailer basically summaries the nature of the event and comes in different sizes catering for all network connection below:

Phantom Crash Battle Royal Reminder Trailer 28.8k owners -

Phantom Crash Battle Royal Reminder Trailer 56k owners -

Phantom Crash Battle Royal Reminder Trailer ISDN owners -

Phantom Crash Battle Royal Reminder Trailer Broadband owners -

Phantom Crash (Xbox) battle royal competition deadline is 29th December 2002; please see the official Phantom Crash ( or Phantagram Interactive ( website for more information.

Good luck!

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