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'Dracula Unleashed' PC/CONSOLE

by Thomas on Dec. 13, 2002 @ 6:35 p.m. PST

Infinite Ventures, an independent game producer, today announced the release of the first interactive horror game for DVD Video, . This unique DVD production is playable on any DVD video player but thanks to its innovative design the same DVD disc is also fully playable on the Sony PlayStation2, Microsoft Xbox or a PC with DVD-ROM drive.

“DVD movies are hot and every new blockbuster release is highly anticipated. Consumers have come to expect all the extras and special material. With Dracula Unleashed we’ve created a DVD movie which is a fully interactive horror murder mystery,” announced Eugene Evans, President of Infinite Ventures. “We’ve created a chilling gaming experience that pits you against Dracula himself right on the DVD player in your living room. Players have not experienced a DVD release quite like this before and the result has been a great deal of anticipation. We’ve been receiving pre-orders from horror fans around the world.”

Drawing upon its experience producing Sherlock Holmes, Consulting DetectiveƔ on DVD ( Infinite Ventures has created this all-new DVD movie. Dracula Unleashed delivers a game that will thrill the growing number of DVD video fans this holiday season. Solving the murder mystery will puzzle and intrigue viewers for many more dark nights of viewing than any typical DVD movie.

Infinite Ventures acquired the rights to Dracula Unleashed from Viacom in 1997 along with the rights to Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective. Originally developed by ICOM Simulations, both titles were released on CD-ROM in the early 90’s. Digitally re-mastered Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective was released on DVD Video in 1999. The game received critical acclaim and won a number of industry awards, including the Gold Award for Best Home Entertainment title from the DVD Association.

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