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DugaLan V2.00 - Massive LAN Party

by Rainier on Dec. 13, 2002 @ 6:52 p.m. PST

Duga-Group – the site-group which manages the content for 3 sites ( Site1, Site2 & Site3 ) – just informed us that there will be a follow-up to their first successful DugaLan. DugaLan V2.00, the name of the event, will be an event where hundreds of gamers will be giving their very best over network for three days on a row. As is custom to a LAN party there will obviously be some competitions and lots of prices to go with it.

The event:

DugaLan is more than only competitions since you will be introduced to some games of which you might not have heard so much and even some games that are still under development. These introductions are for the people that are interested in this and they will be given the possibility to test these games over Lan.

Scheduled titels(for now): IronStorm, Celtic Kings, New World Order

Waiting for permission: C&c: generals, Igi2, Knightshift, …

Of these games we have already some playable material which we can show on the Lan. With waiting for permission we mean that we have it but we want to make sure that we’re allowed to show this code on DugaLan.

The Christmas period is coming closer and this means that we will be entering a new year with lots of new games. We will be trying to get our hands on some playable versions of new games or even some games that are still in development.


  • Friday
    19.00u Official start
  • Saturday
    11.00u End of subscribing for competitions
    12.00u Start competitions
  • Sunday
    12.00u Finals
    16.00u Prices & winners
    18.00u End of Lan


This time we will organize 3 big competitions: Counterstrike, UT2003 & Quake3. We’ve selected these 3 titles for competition since we think these titles are most played on Lan-parties.

There is always a possibility that we will be organizing some more competitions but these will depend on the request of our gamers.


On this moment we’ve still got 2 months to go and below you can find the prices we’ve already received or are on their way to us.

  • 5 * New World Order
  • samples of SuSe LinuX
  • 15 * Konami keychain
  • 5 * Celtic Kings
  • 5 * Ironstorm
  • 10 posters of divine divinity
  • 3 posters of neocron
  • 3 posters of american conquest
  • 5 pins of neocron
  • 3 pins of american conquest
  • 3 pins van cossacks
  • 3 pins of sudden strike 2
  • 3 mousemat of neocron
  • 3 mousemat of divine divinity
  • 3 mousemat of american conquest
  • 5 mousemat of sudden strike 2
  • 3 * combat mission 2
  • 3 * sudden strike 2
  • 3 * cossacks: back to War

On their way:

  • 100 tshirts Duke Nukem: Manhatten Project
  • DNMP keychains
  • 4 * Ballerburg
  • 4 * BigScale Racing
  • 3 * Duke Nukem: Manhatten Project
  • 15 * getaway pack
  • Year subscription for Time of Defiance

We think this is a nice list and we’re still looking for more…


The location is the same as the previous edition: Movri in Boortmeerbeek. This makes it easy to find for the gamers that were on the first edition of DugaLan but no worries for the newcomers because there will be a route-description on the site.

Boortmeerbeek is situated in Belgium between Mechelen and Leuven.

We’ve kept the same location because everything went fine, the location is good and best of all it has everything we need!


As on our previous edition you can find all latest news and information on our website. If you have some more questions, feel free to put them on the forum or send them to us via mail.

Usefull info:

  • When is it? 7-8-9 Februari 2003
  • Where should i be? Movri in Boortmeerbeek, Belgium
  • When does it begin? Friday at 19h
  • How much will it cost? €15 a person.
  • Minimum age? There is no minimum age, as long as you can game feel free to join.
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