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'Shining Soul' (GBA) - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 16, 2002 @ 6:48 p.m. PST

The "Shining" series, has been popular amongst fans of the RPG genre, and has appeared on the Mega Drive, Game Gear and Sega Saturn (Shining and the Darkness, Shining Force etc). This, the latest installment of the series, comes in the form of an exciting action RPG, taking place a thousand years before that of Shining Force, the Mega Drive game released in 1992. The character designer, Tamaki, has worked on "Shining and the Darkness" and "Shining Force", titles that have garnered critical acclaim over the years.

At the heart of our tale there once existed a civilization that was destroyed by the Dark Dragon, the embodiment of destruction. The Dark Dragon has been sealed for hundreds of years with the populace living peacefully, until the fateful day it again emerges and renews its reign of terror. A mysterious group called the "Crew of Light" appears who vow to defeat the Dark Dragon...

Players have a choice of four character classes: Warriors, Archers, Dragonutes and Wizards, which they can select from depending on their playing style. Players can also customize the names for their characters as well as their appearance.

With a 4-player multi-player link, this will unite all fans of the series for an all-out gaming experience!

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