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'Earth & Beyond' - PvP Update Coming

by Rainier on Dec. 16, 2002 @ 11:59 p.m. PST

EA and Westwood Studios announced today that Team Player Vs. Player (PvP) will be implemented in this month's content update for Earth and Beyond. The Team PvP gameplay will be introduced as part of a storyline involving the Progen, and will be deliver to E&B players via special areas designed exclusively for this type of gameplay. Earth & Beyond's team-based PvP will be offered in "gladiator-like games" that allow players to compete using a combination of skill, combat and tactics (thanks Gamespydaily).
The games will take place in three specially-created arenas throughout the game's galaxy, using six teams of up to six players each in 15-minute games. According to Westwood, Team-PvP is not dependent on race or class, which allows players a more balanced playing field. Additionally, players of a certain class or type will have the ability to use class-specific skills during gameplay:
  • The Explorers use their prospecting skills to harvest the orbs.
  • The Tradesmen use their large cargo holds and fast engines to transport the orbs.
  • The Warriors use their combat skills to disable other players and steal their orbs.
  • All races and classes can use their unique skills to assist their team.

Winning teams will receive experience points as a reward. Some rules that apply to regular single-player sessions will not be applied during PvP - players will not suffer experience debt if they are disabled while playing PvP and items will not be affected during PvP. Players will also have an unlimited supply of ammo during this kind of play, For more information on Earth & Beyond and the team-based PvP, visit the official Earth and Beyond Web site.

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