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'WASTED: Hostile Mechanoids Zone' Announced - Screens

by Thomas on Dec. 23, 2002 @ 8:51 a.m. PST

Today GameDale are happy to officially announce their new game project - WASTED: Hostile Mechanoids Zone. Genre of the game could be best described as 3D First Person Arcade, because the main point of the game is non-stop action, without any storyline mysteries and unanswered questions (well, almost... :), no switches to activate, no keys to find, no doors to open, no stupid riddles to solve, and no hero characteristics to improve. From a gameplay point of view WASTED will remind you of the funny 3D FPS - "Serious Sam", but without everything mentioned above... Check out some screens and features below!


WASTED equals pure action. Player is going to run and shoot, shoot and run all the time. When the player stops - he dies, because there are too many bloodthirsty aggressive mechanisms around. We at GAMEDALE have really enjoyed Serious Sam's beautiful outdoor levels and hordes of enemies attacking you at the same time from all directions. We are sick of all those pseudo-intellectual tricks for college professors in the many other modern 3D games, so we'd like to make a game that first of all WE would personally enjoy to play. And certainly you are very welcome to join our party if you like! ;)

WASTED will have no multiplayer support at all. We are missing good single-player in the modern 3D shooters, so we'd like to make such an unsocial exception and concentrate our development on the single-player side of gameplay only. We want to show you a simple but beautiful and deadly world of pure adrenaline. By the way, you can click any of the screenshots on this page to see the full-size image. We are certainly still working on level details, lighting, etc. but already now our levels have their own unique atmosphere... From now on we will be releasing new gameplay screenshots once in a while and posting them on our announcements forum.

Planned game features:

  • 10 original frightening but beautiful outdoor and indoor 3D levels each of which will contain from 2 to 4 arenas full of hostile robots and other autonomous mechanisms, who will be all driven by an idea to bring you down in a most brutal way;
  • 20 different mechanical enemy types, not counting the bosses;
  • 2 main weapons that our garbage man could save from the spaceship - minigun and rocket launcher;
  • Cool sound effects and ambient music;
  • The game will be 100% free and available for direct download from GameDales FTP server or on a CD (you will pay only for shipping).

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