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'Armobiles' Announced - Features & Screens

by Thomas on Dec. 23, 2002 @ 3:49 p.m. PST

Game developer, Ganymede Technologies, has announced its latest title – frantic car based combat game Armobiles that offers unprecedented action packed gameplay that mix the adrenaline rush of racing with the challenge of great driving skills.

Set in 2009 Armobiles places player in role of cadet of elite Armobile Squad – special military unit dealing with risky and hazardous missions involving specialized means of transportation. Players are pit against each other in high-speed racing scenarios. With multiple carefully balanced weapons and six different modes Armobiles gives unique experience for all combat racing fans.

"That game is about driving, about jumping and about crashing. It is not adventure game or RPM. It is racing game and unique Armobiles physic engine raised the racing experience to new level. We produced a racing game that is easy to play and difficult to master." said Wojciech Wylon, Armobiles Project Manager.

In addition to classic lap modes there are such modes like Destruction Derby where cadets fight with each other in special arenas or Jump Mode where they master their driving skills performing breathtaking air stunts. Racers can also show off their racing prowess to your friend's head to head in two-player split-screen multiplayer mode.

Key Game Features:

pedal to metal action,

fast cars equipped with leather weapons,

unique, carefully tuned physic engine make the Armobiles the most responsive racing game available on the market,

70 different mission and special driving school offer an incredibly diverse gameplay experience and near endless replayability for the player,

6 different gameplay modes with exceptional Destruction Derby and Jump Mode make the game must-have title for gamers everywhere,

both split-screen mode and multiplayer LAN mode are available.

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