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'Vietcong' - Demo Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 24, 2002 @ 3:46 a.m. PST

Pterodon and Illusion Softworks have issued a patch for the recent multiplayer demo of Vietcong, their upcoming team-based tactical shooter. The patch offers over two dozen gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, and other changes as detailed in the accompanying patch info, but brings the game to version 0.97 which is not compatible with the original v0.96 demo.

European Links

Get the Vietcong demo v0.97 patch off Worthplaying (10.5mb)

Get the Vietcong demo v0.97 patch off Tiscali (10.5mb)

USA Links

Get the Vietcong demo patch off v0.97 Worthplaying (10.5mb)

Get the Vietcong demo patch off v0.97 3DGamers (10.5mb)


The following have been fixed or improved:

  1. Respawn problem in ATG game (no players should now respawning inside each other).
  2. The weapons have now been placed in crates for the DM game, for improved visibility.
  3. Score (frags, kills, deaths) should be displayed appropriately on client games.
  4. Tthe game reporting 'server lost' when reloading a map should be reduced.
  5. Sound drop-out should be improved so that all gunshots and explosions should be heard.
  6. Player animation and movement should be improved, especially on games with slow connections.
  7. The game should no longer crash (in some instances) when picking up weapons.
  8. There is improved appearance for grenade throwing.
  9. The player statistics window is improved (greater legibility when >20 players are in a game).
  10. The game should no longer crash when running in fullscreen mode and using Alt-TAB (only applicable on some graphics cards).
  11. General ambient sound improvements.
  12. Automatic pilot selection for the Stream ATG game.
  13. An imporoved Sort function for the player statistics window (e.g for sorting by frags - kills - deaths, not just by the frags).
  14. Bad connection detection is now an icon on the HUD. Players with persitent bad connections will eventually be kicked out of games.
  15. 'Team Chat' has been removed from Deathmatch mode.
  16. Names of all players are displayed in Deathmatch mode.
  17. A HUD cursor has been added to Vietnam Mode to aid weapon and ammo collection.
  18. Memory leaks removed.
  19. Improved updating of the Ping information.
  20. Appropriate cross hairs have been added to sniper rifles.
  21. New default keys setup, in response to people's wishes.
  22. Added sounds of players being hit and/or killed.
  23. Players can now be kicked from games via a voting system.
  24. Servers now have an "auto balance teams" option.
  25. It is now possible to type in a known IP address and join a game.
  26. Imporved models and textures for weapons.
  27. "TEAMKILLER" now appears when somebody kills his own teammate!
  28. Server commands.

For further information about Vietcong, please visit the official website

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