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'Thunder Pack Platinum' Download Version Released - Demo Available

by Rainier on Dec. 24, 2002 @ 10:06 a.m. PST

Shrapnel Games announced today that Thunder Pack Platinum is now available in two formats, an electronic download version or a CD Jewel Case version. We also have a demo available, so read more for details and links where to download the demo.

European Links

Get the Thunder Pack Platinum demo off Worthplaying (25mb)

USA Links

Get the Thunder Pack Platinum demooff Worthplaying (25mb)

Tim Brooks, President of Shrapnel Games, said, "This is a new way of delivering product to the consumer. This is our second game that we have released as both a Download and Jewel Case version. The first product we released in dual formats, Aaron Hall's Dungeon Odyssey, has done very well, so expect Shrapnel Games to release more products in dual formats."

Thunder Pack Platinum, the work of designer Derek DiBenedetto, is a four pack of strategy games, designed with replayability in mind. The games are:

  • Interstellar Trader

Addictive strategy/sim where you become the owner of a start-up merchant business in outer space. You do this by traveling from planet to planet in the galaxy, buying and selling items in the various marketplaces. Beware though; the Galactic Pirates have an eye on you, and are intent on your ruin!

  • Overlord

    Detailed strategy medieval city simulation where you become an Overseer of 4 local cities recently founded. The King has given you the task of watching the cities, helping them grow and stepping in with assistance, army training for defense, and important decisions at crucial times to enable the cities to reach independence.

  • Nanotech

Deep, detailed strategy/board game where you step into the shoes of an underground revolution leader intent on overtaking the city from corrupt political influences. But the city police, rival gangs, judges and law enforcement officials have other ideas!

  • Domain Wars

    A light strategy/board game where you play the role of a medieval army General, looking to take control of the Kingdom for your own. The rulers of the various lands; will they be friend or foe?

For a complete list of features and screenshots for each game in the Thunder Pack go to the Shrapnel Games website.

The retail price for Thunder Pack Platinum is $29.95 and can be ordered from the Gamers Front..

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