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'World Racing' (XB) Moved To Feb 28th - Screens

by Thomas on Dec. 24, 2002 @ 1:21 p.m. PST

World Racing is an action-packed, 3D racing-simulation game for next-generation consoles and PC. The game is a virtual driving experience of the current range of Mercedes-Benz cars, vintage models, plus racing-cars and prototypes, some encountered for the first time, others in brand new quality... Good to see TDK aren't slacking on Christmas Eve - they've moved World Racing Xbox to Feb 28th. Here you have 36 new screenshots to arrange under the tree.. Merry Christmas !

The specially designed Landscape-Graphics-Engine not only creates race tracks and cars to the highest specifications, it also creates extensive detailed 3D landscapes and sceneries, which can be fully explored. In addition to the excellent driving simulation, which is based on the car maker's original data, World Racing sets a new standard in computer-simulated 3D driving sensation. The realistic car handling can be seamlessly converted to the computer-assisted "arcade" configuration.

World Racing combines action-packed racing with mission-based elements. The aim is to become test driver No° of Mercedes-Benz. By successfully negotiating their way through some 50 different tasks, race tracks and special tests, players gradually develop their skills, gaining more experience, new cars and expert qualifications.

Game Features

A new dimension to graphical display: The new 3D Landscape Engine, developed especially for this game, combines the excellent spatial representation of complete scenarios of up to 6 km2, tracks up to 46 km long, and variations in altitude of up to 400 m, with a high-resolution vehicle display. Canyons and mountain ranges, deserts and river courses, weather effects and seasons: each vehicle can be tested under different conditions in 7 scenarios from all over the world.

Virtual reality simulation: Over 150 different variables allow players to develop a highly complex simulation of the whole driving experience, or to create fast fun runs in arcade mode. Mercedes-Benz has provided original technical data for the game. There is also a complex car damage model integrated, displaying all damages in many different levels.

An exciting drive: The quality of the 3D graphics, top-quality landscape display and the realistic car handling simulation combine to create a whole new experience in the car racing genre. Levels of difficulty that can be set to any level, three different game modes in single-player mode, plus a multi-player mode (4 Players Splitscreen), bring virtual driving to life.

Fascinating game design: The mission-based structure of the game provides more than a sequence of race tracks. Players can develop their own character, from Rookie to the Mercedes-Benz works driver to No° 1. As they master the different tasks, they gain access to new vehicles.

Unique original cars: World Racing offers for the first time the almost complete range of its current production line, and many classic cars and racing cars (e.g. CLK GTR, C-Class DTM, C 112). All the cars are drawn with around 15,000 polygons and modelled on original data. Players can choose from some 110 car variants.

4 Players Splitscreen

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