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'Street Legal Racing' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 28, 2002 @ 10:56 p.m. PST

Hungarian developer Invictus has issued a new patch for Street Legal Racing, updating their budget-priced racing simulation to v2.2. This upgrade brings more crash bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, performance enhancements, save game improvements, and other changes. read more for detailed fix list and links where to get the goods ...

European Links

Get the Street Legal Patch v2.2 off Worthplaying (25mb)

USA Links

Get the Street Legal Patch v2.2 off Worthplaying (25mb)

Get the Street Legal Patch v2.2 off 3DGamers (25mb)

The following bugs and features have been fixed :

  • quicker and more stabile texture loading
  • more intellignet memory usage
  • most of random crashes has been removed
  • invisible garage / city
  • safer and smaller savegame files
  • feature to siwch off steering help
  • the same opponent can not be challanged right after a race
  • buying more than one cars at the same time and than going to 'car lot' crashed the game
  • having several cars in the car lot, saving the game and going back to garage crashed the game
  • new blower compatible hoods for high category cars
  • save reports into the error.log in case of unsuccessful file handling
  • broken off parts disappeared immediately
  • cars rotated at car lot
  • police man in police cars
  • F12 crashed on certain video cards
  • improved F2 / TV camera
  • rarely visible poles on test track
  • and many more

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