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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Splash Damage


'Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory' - Screens & Features

by Thomas on Dec. 4, 2002 @ 1:25 p.m. PST


Take Command in Single Player: A fully-staffed squad, complete with a Field Ops, Engineer, Medic, Soldier and Covert Operative, each follow the gamer's lead to eliminate enemies and complete specific mission objectives. Each squad member possesses unique skills, including the ability to plant and disarm landmines, construct team resources and structures, steal uniforms and report enemy locations. Using an innovative command and control interface, selecting and commanding teammates is as easy as selecting and firing a weapon.

Team Multiplayer Warfare: Players take the frontlines online in epic Axis versus Allies team combat. Multiplayer battles can be fought with up to 60 players, but each team can now be divided into six-man fire teams, where squad leaders can coordinate attacks and defense by simply dropping waypoint markers or giving commands that only his fire team can see or hear.

Epic Multiplayer Campaigns: Battles span the globe from Northern and Central Europe to North Africa, and multiple maps are combined to create larger campaigns. As players gain experience and increase their battle sense during a campaign, they are rewarded with field promotions - each gaining a graphical rank displayed on their uniform. Promotions expand a player's skills or provide an additional skill or equipment. Promoted soldiers can carry a machine gun and a heavy weapon or carry a heavy weapon without moving slower, while any veteran player can detect nearby landmines.

Choose a Game Mode: In addition to Campaign Mode, players can battle in any map individually via Objective Mode, which is played in a single round or four stopwatch rounds. The Last Man Standing Mode challenges each team to have the last remaining man alive on the battlefield. Additionally, players can battle in every mode with computer-controlled bots, both cooperatively and competitively.

Storyline: It is 1942 and a young Army Ranger named B.J. Blazkowicz has caught the attention of the Allies' top secret OSA (Office of Secret Actions). The OSA arranges for B.J.'s Ranger team to be sent into occupied France to recover one of their top operatives, the beautiful and deadly Agent Two. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory finds B.J. and his Ranger team working with Agent Two to take out The Reich's secret weapons before the Nazis can begin a new offensive against England.

Developers: Executive produced by id Software, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for the PC is developed by Mad Doc Software and Splash Damage, Ltd.

System Requirements: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP


ELSPA rating: TBA

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