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Logic3 Xbox Wireless Game Pad

by Thomas on Dec. 5, 2002 @ 4:37 p.m. PST

SpectraVideo is about to ship the new Logic3 Xbox Wireless Game Pad in the UK and European territories. This new controller utilises RF technology, working on a frequency of 868Mhz – specially set aside for wireless controllers, so this will not cause interference with other house hold appliances or mobile phones. The new controllers will feature four channels and two bands – allowing up to 8 Xbox Wireless Controllers to be used at one time (two Xbox consoles would be required), vibration feedback and a range of up to 5 meters (even through closed cupboards).

The Logic3 Xbox Wireless Controller comes in two parts, a receiver unit that connects to the gameport of the console and has two expansion slots for memory cards or other add-ons. The second part is the hand held control, similar in size to the official S-Type controller from Microsoft, the hand held unit is battery powered with a battery life of about 100 hours (this is reduced if the vibration motors are used). The button layout is similar, but with two additional shoulder buttons for the Black and White keys (which are also on the face of the controller) – this makes it easier to reach these two action buttons then with the official controller.

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