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G.I. Combat - Update Patch Available

by Rainier on Dec. 7, 2002 @ 4:24 a.m. PST

Freedom Games has just released a new patch for G.I. Combat, updating their 3D war game to v1.02d. This patch requires you to "reinstall" your GI Combat game from scratch as the patch cannot be applied to the most recent v1.01 (unless you never upgraded to begin with). This upgrade adds control improvements, gameplay enhancements, multiplayer changes, bug fixes and more (thanks 3DGamers).

European Links

Get the 'GI Combat' v1.02d patch off Worthplaying (1.1mb)

USA Links

Get the GI Combat v1.02d patch off Worthplaying (1.1mb)

Get the 'GI Combat' v1.02d patch off 3DGamers (1.1mb)

GI Combat Version 1.02d

Fixes :

  • Jump map toggles with the J key.
  • Order menu enable toggles with the O key.
  • Chat messages expire after 15 seconds.
  • Tank Pathing should be smoother
  • Tanks targeting multiple threats should be fixed.
  • Buildings should peal away better
  • Mouse camera controls have been tuned up.
  • Fixed initial mortar targeting bug where the first attack would always hit dead on.
  • Vehicles given short moves will back up rather than turn.
  • Morale will return to normal faster when not under fire
  • Vehicle morale will not go heroic as often with indirect attacks
  • Support fire and mortars will make most troops go prone.
  • Version checking in MP is now done.
  • IP address is validated (to a point). It will check for poper
  • pattern (xx.xx.xx.xx) and verify that the address is only numbers and dots. It does not validate the IP address beyond that.
  • In MP games when the players exit the debrief screen they will be sent to the chat screens again so that another game can be played.
  • In MP games the host can now change the scenario or options without causing the game to terminate.
  • In MP games the host can go back from the scenario selection screen to chat without causing the game to terminate.
  • Tank main arm fire is slowed down.
  • Unit markers are improved for better visability.
  • Group icons and jump map dots blink when units come under fire.
  • Tank Animation is fixed when firing.
  • Pan speed is reduced for keyboard and mouse.
  • Soldiers use cover better and look for clear LOS better.
  • Soldiers use building cover better.
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