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Hotel Giant - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on March 27, 2002 @ 8:05 p.m. PST

Pack your bags, make your reservations and check in to the leisure industry’s Hotel Giant, due for release by JoWooD Productions in May 2002. Facts and screens below..


Hotel Giant puts the player at the forefront of the tourism industry, owning and managing a hotel. The challenge is to build a prosperous business and overcome all the obstacles in the exciting world of leisure management. From a small family-owned bed and breakfast to a large, secluded mega-hotel for the stars, there are over 26 hotel styles to build and manage in more than 20 different international cities. Budding entrepreneurs can create the perfect hotel to cater for all the virtual guests. From reception to penthouse suite, the player has total control over everything that goes into making the perfect hotel; success or failure is only a holiday season away.

The player must skilfully combine the three vital elements of successful business; building the best hotel to meet the needs of potential customers; observing the guests to ensure that their every need is catered for and managing the business providing quality and happy staff, therefore achieving strong service. It is only when the player has mastered these three vital areas that they will become a true hotel tycoon. Through achieving strong profits, the player has the opportunity to turn a modest bed and breakfast into a thriving global chain.

Managing Director of JoWooD Productions UK Ltd, Vip Patel said: “Hotel Giant gives gamers the opportunity to experience what it is really like to build and manage a hotel. It combines three vital business sim gameplay elements building, observing and managing so that gamers can have the total experience of the hotel industry.”

Features for Hotel Giant include:

  • Over 26 different types of hotel from which to choose to assist the player in building a unique hotel to suit the needs of their guests
  • Choice of over 20 vastly different international cities such as Tokyo, New York, Sydney, Paris and Las Vegas so the player can conquer the world with a hugely successful hotel chain
  • Use more than 600 moveable pieces of interior to build the ultimate in dream hotels
  • The website creator tool provides the opportunity to take shots of the hotel and share expertise and skills with others

Hotel Giant has a SRP of £29.99 and will be available from 17th May 2002.

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