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Wanadoo's E3 Lineup

by Patrick on May 13, 2002 @ 12:24 p.m. PDT

Since E3 is just around the corner so the past few weeks all major companies have send in their E3 lineup with titles they will be showing off during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA. Today Wanadoo send us their list showing off quite a few interesting titles to look out for in the coming year. Read more ...
  • US OPEN 2002 / NGT / ROLAND GARROS 2002
  • Who has never dreamed of stepping into one of the 10 most famous player’s shoes, of playing on the centre court and of having your winning shot applauded by a jubilant crowd? For those who want to try their luck, US OPEN 2002 / NGT will give them access to the most prestigious tennis courts in th eworld. An easily mastered simulation for a broad audience.
    Sport -PS2 / PC / GBA

  • Eastern Germany, March 1964.The Great Warhas beenragingfor 50years now. Allyouhaveever known is the madnessofthefrontlines andofmen butchering each other.Suddenly,youaregivena missionwhich, ifsuccessful,couldput a stop tothecarnage. Shoot’em-upandaction arethebestmeansofrestoring what everybodyhas longsince forgottenabout:peace.
    Action / Shoot –PC

  • An isolated imposing manor lurking silently at the edgeof aforest and near the outskirtsof asmall namelessvillage…Such is the startingpoint forthis game which reinvents the survival horrorgenre. PROJECT ZEROwill immerse youin afrightening andoppressiveatmosphere, forcing youtoconfront your worst nightmares.


    London, 1890.The Eyeof Isis, apriceless Egyptianstatue,disappears mysteriously from the MuseumofGreat Britain. It is rumoured thatanancient cursehas beencastonthestatue,and‘the Curse’will be unleashed upon whosoever darestolayafingeronit…there’snot a soulwho willescapescreaming insanityor ahideous and painful death. At the heartofVictorian England,Curse immerses youin aterrifying adventure full of suspense and action,which willhave you rubbing shoulders with the supernatural.
    Adventure-PS2 / PC / Xbox


    The first Beach Soccer video game designed especially for fans of football and arcade games.
    Discover all the excitement of this new sport which is taking football’s greatest stars by storm. This arcade game is set in the unique and exotic atmosphere of stadiums from Rio to Venice Beach. Pro Beach Soccer is a fun game with cool looking players,spectacular moves, laser shows and DJs playing cool tunes in the different settings!
    Sport / arcade -PS2 / PC / GBA /Xbox

  • Relive the legend of Robin Hood in this game combining action and tactics. Set in a stunningly realistic medieval environment, Robin Hood’s dynamic gameplaycombines stealth and action. Take part in over 40 missions and help the Saxons reinstate their rightful king, Richard the Lion-Heart, and defeat his evil brother John.
    Action / tactics–PC

Travel back in time 650 years and immerse yourself in a Kingdom caught up in the 100 Years War and devastated by the scourge that is the Black Death.
Can you solve the mystery of the TemplarTreasure, one of the greatest puzzles of the medieval world, while escaping from the Inquisition’s torturers?

    You are a Kohan, a member of a race of immortals devastated by along cycle of disasters. Faced with an uncertain future, you must devise successful strategies in order to seize power. Choose your side in the war pitting the Creator against the Shadow…


    At the time of Caesar’s great conquests, Gaul was the scene of fierce battles between the Romans, the Teutons, the Gaulsand the powerful Druids. You must take control of the destiny of the heroic Laraxand try and lead him to victory by developing a personal strategy and showing a mastery of military tactics. Celtic Kingscombines strategy and role playing elements.
    RTS –PC


    A classic futuristic arcade game, Speedball 2 is back on the GBA! With graphics and gameplay identical to the Bitmap Brothers’original, this version also includes new game modes as well as a Link mode allowing two players play together. Anything goes in Speedball 2!
    Sport / arcade -GBA


    A series of puzzling murders of women has been taking place in the New York underworld at the turn of the 20thcentury. These murders are worryingly similar to the crimes of the most infamous serial killer ever: Jack the Ripper.
    Watch the suspense build in New York’s brothels and speakeasies.
    Action / Adventure-PS2 / PC


    Basedonthe famousHalloween Night tradition,this game will plunge players intoaneerie and terrifyingworld ofhauntedhouses,creepy cemeteries,dusty laboratories and forgotten cellars. Swap between Ann, a girl dressed up as a witch, and Greg, a little devil, in their quest to free their friends who have been turned to stone by a mad scientist.
    Platform-PS2 /GameCube/ GBA (tbc)

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