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'Tony Tough & The Night of Roasted Moths' Announced

by Thomas on May 8, 2002 @ 8:41 a.m. PDT

Got Game Entertainment and Prograph Research today announced a North American publishing agreement for "Tony Tough and The Night of Roasted Moths," a PC Adventure game with vibrant 2D graphics and "point & click" interface.


Don't let the small stature, over-sized raincoat and flying saucer-sized glasses fool you, Tony is a tough private eye for Wallen & Wallen Investigations, and he's been on the beat for ten years. Tonight, Halloween night, Tony has been assigned the case of a lifetime, he must nab the swollen-headed psychopath who is stealing candy from the children. While it may not seem a dangerous task to some, Tony's mantra is otherwise, "Candy today, the entire Planet tomorrow!" A tomorrow that, hopefully, will never come as our hero thwarts the villain's evil candy-stealing ways.

"In the grand tradition of "Leisure Suit Larry," "Willy Beamish", and "Monkey Island", "Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths" is destined to become a classic," said Howard Horowitz, President of Got Game Entertainment.

This 2D Adventure game, with its "point & click" interface, is characterized by elaborate graphics, all in a perfect cartoon-like style. Non-linear plot development, combined with over sixty different locations, more than thirty interactive characters, along with loads of descriptions, dialogue, messages and inscriptions, gives the player an environment rich in humor and intriguing situations for long-lasting gameplay.

"Tony Tough and The Night of Roasted Moths" is scheduled to ship Q3 2002.

About Got Game Entertainment
Got Game Entertainment is a publisher of games for PC and other platforms. Founded by entertainment industry veterans with over 15 years of experience, Got Game Entertainment is committed to bringing to market quality games offering exceptional entertainment. Got Game Entertainment's PC Adventure game, "The Watchmaker", ships this month and is available now for pre-order from the Got Game store. Learn more about Got Game Entertainment at

About Prograph Research
Established in 1998, Prograph Research Srl is an innovative subsidiary of one of Italy's largest business concerns operating in the field of frames production and robotics. With the backing of a multi-million dollar company, Prograph's team is comprised of Italy's most experienced professionals in the field of entertainment. After enjoying the release of several successful PC titles, Prograph Research now focuses on development of new games for the console market.

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