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'Unreal Tournament 2003' Unleashes UPaint

by Thomas on Jan. 15, 2003 @ 3:33 a.m. PST

Right Hemisphere, a creator of 3D graphic production solutions for games, film and broadcast, web content, and industrial design announced today that Unreal Tournament 2003, which picked up year-end awards for Best Graphics and Best First Person Shooter, utilizies Right Hemisphere's Deep Character technology for a full-featured customization utility which ships with Unreal Tournament 2003. A huge community of hardened warriors are experiencing UPaint, a 3D painting application that lets Unreal Players paint directly on their character. UT2003 Players can even import a digital photograph of their own face and put it directly on an Unreal Tournament 2003 Warrior.

"We chose Right Hemisphere to create UPaint because we were already using their professional-level tools to help create the game, so it seemed natural to have them create a custom skin-painting program for us based on those excellent tools. With UPaint, Unreal Tournament 2003 players have the ability to put themselves, or their wildest creations, into the game," said Mark Rein, Vice President, Epic Games co-creators, along with Digital Extremes Inc., of Unreal Tournament 2003.

Right Hemisphere's Deep Character Technology, which was used in UPaint, is designed to rapidly create customization applications for players and creators of 3D games. Deep Character provides texturing, painting and parametric mesh editing capabilities. The user interface can be quickly developed to suit the exact usability requirements can be designed to fit the "look and feel" of any game player profile or market.

"Using Right Hemisphere's Deep Character technology, Epic Games has successfully brought the Unreal Tournament gaming experience to yet another level. UPaint, is the ultimate character painting solution for Unreal Tournament 2003," said Michael Lynch, CEO of Right Hemisphere.

UPaint is supplied, along with other Mod-development utilities, on Disc 3 of the UT2003 CD-Rom set.

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