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BF1942 : Desert Combat - Mod 0.2 Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 15, 2003 @ 3:30 p.m. PST

The DesertCombat team is pleased to announce that the second public alpha version of the most played mod for Battlefield1942 is now ready download. The purpose of these tests are to get valuable feedback from the community so that we can produce one of the best gameplay experiences out there for arcade style modern military combat. The goal of the DC team is to release many of these alpha and beta tests until we feel it is a complete mod. Read more for details and download links ...

Get the BF1942 Desert Combat 0.2e mod off Worthplaying (86mb)

USA Link <--> European Link

Other Mirrors

Get the BF1942 Desert Combat 0.2e mod off (86mb)

Get the BF1942 Desert Combat 0.2e mod off Fileplanet (86mb)

The first public alpha test is version .1, were 1.0 will be the first release of the final mod. The test will not include any new maps or gameplay options yet, but we plan on offering a wide range of maps in the near future as well as new gameplay experiences such as Search and Destroy and Rescue missions. Below I will summarize the list of new weapons and vehicles in the second public release of DesertCombat.

The first set of weapons for DC are focused around the Desert Storm conflict, this level requires military vehicles and weapons from the 90’s and will support the UN coalition and Iraq, for this test it will be U.S. troops and Iraqi troops only. It should be noted however that DesertCombat will support various weapons based on which level you are playing, for example there will also be a Somalia level with will feature weapons used in that conflict as well as levels featuring possible future conflicts. It will not be solely based on DesertStorm.

New Features in DesertCombat Version 0.2
** This is not the complete or final list, this is only what is available for the public alpha and more will follow in the next alpha release.

New UI for weapons can class selection

** All BF1942 Maps are now converted to DC including Single Player modes.



• M1A1 Heavy Tank
• M2A3 Bradley light Tank
• M163 Vulcan mobile antiaircraft
• M270 MLRS Multiple launch rocket truck
• Humvee with a .50 cal machine gun and supplies
• Humvee with a Tow launcher

• A-10 Warthog
• F-16
• AH-64 Attack helicopter

Hand Weapons
• M16A2 Assault Rifle
• Mp5-SD6 sub machine gun
• M9 handgun
• SMAW rocket launcher
• M249 Heavy mahcine gun
• M25 Sniper rifle

Misc. weapons
• Maverick Missiles
• AMRAAM missiles
• Helifire rockets
• Hydra missiles


• T72 Heavy tank
• Shilka Mobile Antiaircraft
• BRDM2 - amphibious
• BM21 Multiple launch rocket truck

• Mig29

Hand Weapons
• AK-47
• Scorpion Sub machine gun
• RPG-7 Rocket propelled grenade
• PMK Heavy machine gun
• Browning Hipo handgun
• Tabuk Sniper rifle

Know issues with the alpha .2

Since this mod is a work in progress, some optimizations have been made to the models for performance. You might experience a slight slowdown due to the fact that we haven’t done a full optimization pass yet.

Currently the game is pretty balanced, some things may destroy objects faster then they should, the game will continually balance out as the mod progresses. This goes for speed of vehicles, weapon damage and amount of ammo.

Airplane and Helicopters
Currently all new planes use the A-10 cockpit, this will fixed as the new cockpit models come in. The mig-29 landing gear, machine guns and rockets are not complete and the A-10 wheels are still to be finished.

Some of the weapon animations are yet to be done, so some animations may seem out of place. This will be fixed in future builds..

Only maps that display a small DC logo in them have DC vehicles. In Version 0.2, all BF1942 maps have been converted to DC

All new DC models will not support shadows; this is a limitation in the mod tools and will be fixed as soon as the mod tools are fixed.

Menu editing tools are still in development so some things are currently out of our control. Such as the words AXIS and ALLIES, this will change once the tools are in place. This also keeps us from editing various other menu releated items.

The game version will say 0.2d in the custom game version, in reality it's build 0.2e, sorry for the confusion.

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