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WANADOO 2003 Lineup

by Thomas on Jan. 16, 2003 @ 7:22 a.m. PST

WANADOO EDITION produces, publishes and distributes video games for consoles, PC and the Internet. Wanadoo Edition's development strategy centers around three key points: to design original video games for all software platforms, to publish games of all major genres (notably action, adventure, sport, race, strategy and MMG) and to distribute worldwide... Today we received their 2003 lineup, check it out below!

Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles (MMORPG - PC)

Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles enhances the original version of the game by introducing 18 new zones, spread over three new territories: Avalon, HyBrasil and Aegir (a mythical Kingdom), three new races, six new character classes, not to mention new monsters, new weapons and additional quests.

Raging Blades (Beat 'em all/ Combat - PS2)

Are you ready to fight against an evil god and 7 dark races from hell?
In the role of the Iria the Valkyrie, Gray the Knight, Ray the wizard, Tina the monk or Bud the warrior use your sword or magic skills to prevent an age of darkness from sweeping their homeland.

Castleween (Platform - GameCube/ GBA)

Based on the famous Halloween Night tradition, this game will plunge players into an eerie and terrifying world of haunted houses, creepy cemeteries, dusty laboratories and forgotten cellars.
Swap between Alicia, a girl dressed as a witch, and Greg, a little devil, in their quest to free their friends who have been turned into stone by a mad scientist.

Pax Romana (Historical RTS/ Management - PC)

This historically accurate game will allow you to relive the glory days of the Roman Empire. Pax Romana is the first strategy game in which all the players must collaborate in order to survive, all the time vying amongst each other to ensure Rome's ultimate dominance.

Crusaders (RTS - PC)

Get inside the skin of a Crusader and confront challenges typical of the 12th century: economic, military and political problems. Manage your resources and your city to get as many pilgrims as possible. In a 3D environment relive very famous historical battles from the period 1150 to 1250 from a Crusader or an Eastern point of view.

Pro Beach Soccer (Sport/Arcade - Xbox/PS2/PC/GBA)

The first Beach Soccer video game designed especially for fans of football and arcade games. Discover all the excitement of this new sport which is taking football's greatest stars by storm. This arcade game is set in the unique and exotic atmosphere of stadiums from Rio to Venice Beach. Pro Beach Soccer is a fun game with cool looking players, spectacular moves and DJs playing cool tunes in the different settings!

Curse: The Eye of Isis (Survival Horror - PS2/PC/Xbox)

London, 1890. The Eye of Isis, a priceless Egyptian statue, disappears mysteriously from the Museum of Great Britain. It is rumoured that an ancient curse has been cast on the statue, and 'the Curse" will be unleashed upon whosoever dares to lay a finger on it.... There's not a soul who will escape screaming insanity or a hideous and painful death. At the heart of Victorian England, Curse immerses you in a terrifying adventure full of suspense and action, which will have you rubbing shoulders with the supernatural.

Next Generation Tennis 2003 (Sport - PS2/Xbox/PC/GBA)

The 2003 version of this game includes many innovations: exclusive new animations with no more latency in controls, super realistic courtside details like ball boys, showtime match presentations, experience points to increase your player's skills, bonus courts and players etc. And of course, for even more realism, you will find the official courts of Roland Garros and US Open as well as real life tennis stars. NGT: the true ace of tennis games.

Street Racer (Arcade/ Simulation Racing Game - PS2)

Enter into the underground world of Street Racing in L.A. where car customizations, search for maximum speed, fight with cops, and love affairs with starter girls will be the main

Sniper Elite (Action - PS2/Xbox/PC)

Spring 1945: World War 2 is drawing to a close and the Russians and Germans are caught in a furious battle for a devastated Berlin. The cold war starts... As a sniper, recruited by the OSS (former CIA), it is the beginning of a lonely stealth mission in the Russian territory.

Al Capone* (Tactics/Action - PC)

1931. Al Capone, the king of Chicago's underworld, rules the city. A special police squad has been set up to destroy the gang. An open war breaks out everywhere in the city. Now its your turn to choose your side!

Behind Enemy Lines* (Survival game/RPG - PS2/Xbox/PC)

The first RPG on consoles to take place during the Second World War. The player is an American pilot who bailed out over Germany in 1944. A manhunt starts: the player chased by the Germans must survive in order to reach Switzerland by foot.

Rygar (Action/Adventure - PS2)

Rygar, The Legendary Adventure is set in a Greco-Roman world in which the hero must avoid obstacles and defeat enemies with the help of his disc/shield if he is to progress. The shield's originality lies in its multiple functions: it can be used in attack or defence, to climb walls or destroy background objects. The music for this epic adventure is provided by the Moscow Symphonic Orchestra.

IronStorm (Action/Shooter - PS2)

Eastern Germany, March 1964. The Great War has been raging for 50 years now. All you have ever known is the madness of the front lines and of men butchering each other. Suddenly, you are given a mission which, if successful, could put a stop to the carnage. Shoot 'em up and action are the best means of restoring what everybody has long since forgotten about: peace.

Ryzom (MMORPG - PC)

'Ryzom' is a third-generation 3D game that features a highly poetic universe designed for the general public. Online gaming aficionados will discover innovative game mechanisms, along with sumptuous graphics.

*titles to be confirmed


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