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'Rayman 3 : Hoodlum Havok' (ALL) - Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 17, 2003 @ 11:03 a.m. PST

You know Rayman, you know Globox and Murfy, and you've met the Hoodlums -- now get ready for the Knaaren, possibly Rayman's most imposing enemy to date. Not the kind of guys you want to encounter in a dark alley (or anywhere else for that matter), the Knaaren growl violent mantras as they systematically crush anything in their path. To succeed in his world-saving mission, Rayman will have to win their allegiance using both brains and brawn -- no easy feat. Oh, the Knaaren also have a bit of a gong fetish. Yeah, gongs. Go figure.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc pits Rayman, everyone’s favorite limb-free super hero, against some of his fiercest enemies ever. And the Knaaren are perhaps the scariest of the bunch. Smart, strong, and deadly, these terrifying creatures can’t be beaten with strength alone – Rayman will have to use his brains as well as his brawn and his host of new superpowers to vanquish these savages. What’s more, Rayman needs to do more than just beat the Knaaren in battle. He must win their allegiance in order to save the world.

The Knaaren are a most savage tribe residing in the underground core of the world. Rude, crude, and sporting a foul ‘tude, these warriors’ hobbies include mazes, homemade security systems, and mopping their floors with heroes like Rayman.

It’s different down here. That’s because the Knaaren aren’t your garden variety thugs. These tribal warriors are so hardcore, they carved their lair straight out of the solid rock. If this is how the Knaaren handle interior design, just imagine how they handle intruders.

Features :

  • Epic Storyline
    • Dark, funny, and utterly engrossing, Rayman’s compelling narrative and movie-like production values deliver surprises around every corner and create an unparalleled, immersive gameplay experience.
  • Rich, Zany Characters
    • Upgraded character design maximizes the potential of next-generation hardware – Rayman himself enjoys 200 animations, while John Leguizamo (Globox) and Billy West (Murfy) bring Rayman’s pals to life.
  • State-of-the-Art Combat
    • Blast into battle with the fanatic Hoodlum Army, hordes of outlandish creatures, and huge transforming bosses. With advanced AI, specific strengths, and merciless group fighting tactics, these villains are trained to demolish – Rayman will need killer strategies to survive the chaos.
  • Heavy-Duty Superpowers
    • With a blazing arsenal of brand new time-based powers and Double-Fist fighting action, Rayman’s ready to rip the Hoodlum Army a new one.
  • Bizarre Cartoon Fantasy
    • Experience the extravagant imagination of Rayman’s world, a living universe filled with trippy, eye-popping visuals, intense 3D vertigo platforming action, and hyper-stylized environments.
  • Dark and Uncharted Underlands
    • Travel across treacherous terrain and never-before-seen, magical worlds, each with its own personality – including the Swamp, the Moor, and the Deadlands.

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